Under The Lights Round 2: Michigan vs. Notre Dame 2013

As it was to be expected, Michigan’s last scheduled home game against Notre Dame will be a night game.  This is for three obvious reasons.  #1 their home schedule before the month of November is pretty terrible, #2 this is the last time that Michigan fans will see Notre Dame in the Big House for quite some time, and #3 the last game was an absolutely huge success.  I mean honestly, during the Under The Lights game I had the most absurd emotional swings ever, it was too awesome.

The game was announced as a joint agreement/announcement with ESPN, as ESPN said that the game will be hosted in prime time by either ESPN or ABC.  Bottom line, both of these teams will be preseason Top 20 teams, and College Gameday will take advantage of the ending rivalry and make an appearance.  You can chalk that up and take it to the bank right now.

Before the last Under The Lights game, the University of Michigan honored Michigan Legend Desmond Howard, and this time they will honor the late great Tom Harmon, Michigan’s first Heisman Trophy Winner.  I’m not sure who will be graced with the great number 98, especially because Jake Ryan and Desmond Morgan have already received Legends numbers.  I’ll give a better guess after spring practice as to whom will get the sacred number.

I’m looking forward to them making Charles Woodson’s #2 a Michigan Legends jersey now that Vince Smith is graduating.  My guess is that the #1 will continue to be out of rotation for the time being, and that it won’t ever get a Legends patch because everyone already knows its sacred for Michigan’s best receiver.  That mean’s that once they hand out Harmon’s jersey and finally get around to giving Woodson his, the only jersey number left to give a Legends patch to will be #16.  Whether you like it or not.

Here is what Brandon said on mgoblue.com about the game:

“Our athletic department is looking forward to recreating the night game magic from two years ago,” said Dave Brandon, the Donald R. Shepherd Director of Athletics. “We have more in store for this game than the initial night game and will work hard to create many wow moments. One of those magical moments will be the honoring of Tom Harmon. He is one of the greatest athletes in school history and we are excited to celebrate all that he accomplished at Michigan. Having Tom’s `Old 98′ back on the field will be special. This will be a memorable evening for everyone at Michigan Stadium or watching the game on TV. This will be the final matchup with Notre Dame at the Big House for the foreseeable future.”

Looks like I really should have placed that bet back in August.

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