This blog initially started as an assignment for school but has now evolved into something that is more than a hobby but less than a job.  So much so that I am now contributing to another blog called Diehard Sport. I’m often vocal with my opinions on various sports topics, and so it seems to be a necessity at this point for me to share my views with others, whether they ask for it or not.  I hope that any readers find this blog to be to their liking, even if they disagree with what I have written.  My strong opinions are unlikely to change, so you will be hard pressed to try to influence me….read each post at your own risk.  My name is Jeff Weintraub and if you have any questions please send them to my Twitter account or leave a comment on here.

*Traubing (noun or verb)–> To partake in extreme relaxation.  Often watching TV or playing video games, while simultaneously playing on an iPad or Computer.  To do this takes extreme skill and practice, and usually a blue futon.   (Origin–Scott Silverman)


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