Detroit Lions 2016-17 Season Preview

Part of me still cannot believe that Calvin Johnson is retired and that he will not be on the field for the Lions this season. I cannot even remember what it was like watching the Lions without him there. Mostly because they were so bad that I purged most of that part of my life from memory, but that’s not the point! It is going to be very tough to watch the Lions without one of my favorite football players ever and I’m going to miss him dearly. So let’s pause for a moment of silence in honor of the best receiver of our lifetime.

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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2016-17 Michigan Football Season Preview

I almost ran out of time to do this, but I’ve managed to squeeze in a bit of free time during training camp to crank something out. Needless to say, Michigan has the potential to be great this year. Quite frankly, I think the team this year has a better chance to win the Big Ten than the team next year…at least on paper. Michigan has 14+ senior starters and if one of the QBs (O’Korn or Speight) can get it figured out and be a game manager, this team can go far.

As of the start of writing this post, there still is not a depth chart out and I would not be surprised if one is not released until the Friday before the game. I would also expect there to be a lot of ORs to be on it. Right now a lot of it is guess-work based on flimsy evidence, what has been seen in practice videos and what has been said to the media….so totally rock solid analysis on the two-deep coming up.

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2016-17 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Plan

Now that the NHL has formally announced the 31st team in the league, I think it’s time I sit down and write about this plan I’ve got for the Red Wings. 

The Red Wings have some major moves to make with their RFA’s and Pavel Datsyuk’s contract. I’m not mad that Datsyuk is going home, he does not owe the Red Wings anything. I just hope that Ken Holland can correct his mistake and not get rid of too many assets to do it. Now he says the asking price is high and that he will not move a key prospect to get rid of the cap hit, which is good to hear. The Red Wings are better off eating the contract for one-year than moving a prospect to unload the contract to chase Steven Stamkos, who may not even want to come. The ideal trade would be to trade Datsyuk and Jurco for a 4th round pick to Carolina or Phoenix and call it a day.

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2016 NFL Draft Losers

Carson Wentz

There were quite a few drafts that were marred by picks that I didn’t like. They weren’t bad as a whole, but they definitely weren’t good. Then there were drafts like the Eagles which were just atrocious.

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2016 NFL Draft Winners

This was one of the few years where I did not really see a lot of drafts that I did not like. I think a lot of teams did a good job (on paper obviously) and I would say that it’s tougher to pick a top 5-10 than normal. I probably said that last year, but whatever, it’s true. Also, here’s your yearly reminder not to overreact to a player your team picked, unless it is a punter or your team trades up into the second round to draft a kicker (lol Bucs).

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Detroit Lions 2016 NFL Draft In Review

Lions NFL Draft

It’s been 2.5 weeks since the NFL Draft ended so it’s about time that I find time to recap the Lions Draft. It may not be the majority opinion, at least if you care what the National Media thinks, but I really liked the Lions Draft. I’m not gonna sit here and say that it was perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they took the time to address the trenches and I liked their picks a lot. In fact, 5 of their 10 draft picks were listed in my preview of 30 potential targets. The round may have been wrong for a few but that is not important…easily the most I’ve ever gotten correct. If we’re giving it a grade, which I hate to do so early in the process, I’m giving it a solid B/B+.

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2016 NFL First Round Mock Draft

Rather than try to guess which players will be taken by which teams, I’m going to act as General Manager for each team for this Mock Draft. Now the Rams and Eagles already went and did the worst things that they could possibly do by mortgaging their future for quarterbacks that I’m not sold on. I’ve said multiple times that I would not take any quarterback this year in the Top 10, but if I absolutely had to it would be Jared Goff. This draft really reminds me of the 2013 NFL Draft Class (though I like Goff more than I liked EJ Manuel). Meanwhile, the Titans and Browns are laughing hysterically because they know they need as many picks as possible and that they are not going to make the playoffs next year. Now they have a ton of picks the next two years and are poised to rebuild. The Rams I understand because they just moved to Los Angeles and want to make a big splash to make everyone excited for the year…there is some off-the-field value to this idea and they already have a pretty good defense. On the other hand, the Eagles had around $34 Million tied up in Sam Bradford and Chase Daniels and now they mortgaged their future to draft another QB…a year after GM Howie Roseman said that mortgaging the future for one quarterback rarely works. This screams ownership stepping in which is just hilarious/brutal.

But I digress, enough of my rant…here we go:

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