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My Expectations For The 2012 Michigan Football Season

This coming season for Michigan is an intriguing one.  If they upset Alabama this Saturday in Dallas, you can guarantee that they will again overachieve.  A football team with confidence and momentum is almost more dangerous than a well-rounded team … Continue reading

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My Personal Review Of Shane Morris

I attended my first Pioneer football game in about three years on Friday night.  Overall, I can say that some things had changed, and yet some hadn’t whatsoever.  The new entrance to Holloway Field is gorgeous.  I’m extremely jealous of … Continue reading

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The NHL Standstill: September 15th Is Coming

I wouldn’t expect anything good to happen on the NHL front anytime soon.  The NHL Owners hated the proposal that the NHLPA submitted, and the players thought that it was pretty fair.  This always spells disaster when negotiating a new … Continue reading

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Michigan Will Play Under The Lights In 2013 And Will Not Break Their Contract With UCONN

After taking a year off from having a night game, Michigan will return to primetime at the Big House in 2013.  Dave Brandon announced this today, along with the mentioning that it will NOT be in November, ruling out Nebraska … Continue reading

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Minnesota Claims A National Championship…108 Years later.

This to me is a complete joke.  It’s just like Alabama claiming a National Championship in a bunch of their odd years, where they had exactly zero reason to claim a national championship.  Alabama claimed a National Title in 1941 … Continue reading

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Madden 13 Commercials: Paul Rudd vs. Ray Lewis

I am not a fan whatsoever with the direction this year’s Madden game is going.  It started when they put Calvin on the cover and destined him and the Lions to be jinxed, and it continued when they removed some … Continue reading

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The WAC Conference Will End Competing In Football In 2013, Shocker.

The Western Athletic Conference was in trouble as soon as teams started to shuffle conferences to make more money.  Currently the WAC has seven football members, and apparently five of them are planning on leaving after this year, and the … Continue reading

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Back From Colorado Springs and Michigan Is Ranked #8 In Both Major Pre-Season Polls?

So I’m finally home from Colorado Springs and in the process of unpacking my whole life that I brought with me (aka I haven’t started yet).  It’s even more sad that we finally moved out of the house on South … Continue reading

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Thank You Jalen Rose

I was wondering when it would finally happen, but Jalen Rose finally came out and voiced his opinion on the USA Women’s Gymnastics team being called the “Fab Five,” and I was thrilled.  He’s absolutely right; it can and should … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Hardly Watched ESPN All Summer

Haven’t written on the blog for a while and so I’m just going on a rampage today.  And thank you Austin Shapiro for noticing the poor grammar in my original title and fixing it. ESPN for a while was running … Continue reading

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