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The NHL Trade Deadline

The Trade Deadline came today without any major players moving around.  The Red Wings made their big move a few days ago trading for Kyle Quincey from Colorado.  This was a great move by them to add depth to the … Continue reading

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The NFL Combine

I love watching the NFL Combine.  I’m not sure why, but I enjoy watching the process players have to go through in order to improve their draft stock.  My only real issues with the Combine are how much stock NFL … Continue reading

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Next Years NFL Salary Cap Figures The first article is specifically for the NFC North and the second article is John Clayton’s article which covers most of the rest of the teams.  The bottom line is, when you look at the first article, you … Continue reading

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Mountain West Conference and Conference USA Merging

Yes, you did read the title of this post correctly.  And yes, unfortunately this is happening.    ESPN is reporting that the two conferences will divide up into divisions and conferences among the new group of schools, which consists of Southern … Continue reading

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ESPN Is At It Again.

Linsanity, Just Lin Baby, Just BalLin; if you’ve watched ESPN in the last week, these are all things that you would have heard.  I watched Sportscenter yesterday and they asked Jalen Rose to give his professional opinion as to whom … Continue reading

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Internet Articles On The Winter Classic

This was by far the biggest news of the day, and quite frankly, with the amount of press that it has gotten in less than 24 hours, there was little point for me to write my own blog post…again.  So, … Continue reading

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The Big East? More Like Conference USA 2.0

The Big East’s pathetic attempt to salvage their conference has led them to their latest addition of the University of Memphis for next season (ESPN).  While this obviously helps them in regards to basketball (although I’m not entirely sure how … Continue reading

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