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What I Hope The Wings Do This Offseason

The Red Wings need a shake up, plain and simple.  To continue to state the obvious, their secondary scoring disappeared in the playoffs.  Jiri Hudler had a cap hit of about $2.875 million this past season, and because he scored … Continue reading

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Michigan’s 2015 & 2016 Football Schedule

Here’s the schedule that’s been released, I’ll have a more in-depth update later…but it looks pretty favorable at the moment. UPDATE:  Getting Wisconsin back on the schedule will certainly shift things up a bit and certainly make the schedule much … Continue reading

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Ohio State Self-Reports 46 Secondary Violations

Now that I’m all moved into my room in Colorado Springs, I can keep this blog running on a more consistent basis. The original article published by ESPN can be found here.  The Athletic Director, Gene Smith, says that 46 … Continue reading

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Detroit Lions Draft Recap

The blog has kind of been put off to the side for the moment, getting ready to move out of our house and then move to Colorado is not as easy or as fun as it may sound.  I had … Continue reading

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2012 NFL Draft Losers

It’s always tough to declare someone’s draft an automatic loss or a bad draft right after it occurs.  But there are always some drafts that turn out worse than they could have been or teams make selections that are out … Continue reading

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2012 NFL Draft Winners

This year I was shocked to see how many teams had good drafts and how few bad ones there were.  Now granted, you cannot truly award a draft class with an accurate grade until three or four years down the … Continue reading

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