Lions vs. Colts: I think this team is trying to kill me

Honestly, that was an absolutely soul-crushing loss last Sunday.  Sure it didn’t matter because they already had screwed themselves out of a playoff spot, but still.  I’m sick and tired of watching this team piss away leads purely because they can.  Last year they could only play in the fourth quarter, and now they can’t play in the fourth quarter at all.  They’ve blown three straight fourth quarter leads in three straight home games; disgusting.


I mean I can’t even discuss this game, there’s just no point.  It was another typical Lions game.  It was basically a carbon copy of the Houston Texans game.  The offense had a fantastic game.  But poor play calling down the stretch, meant a lot of three and outs; then the defense got tired, and gave up points.  A prevent defense always prevents you from winning and that’s what happened.  Being tired and playing soft coverage on a legitimate quarterback is a recipe for disaster.

The seat needs to be warm for Jim Schwartz and his staff, to say the least, but there is no way that they get rid of him because he just signed an extension in September.  So everyone who is predicting that he will be fired is moronic.  I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be fired, I’m just saying that the Lions won’t want to pay him a bunch of money to buy him out since he just re-upped.  Classic Lions scenario.

It’s just frustrating because its the same issues week in and week out, nothing ever changes.  Get a lead.  Bad playcalling, defense gets tired and they fall apart.  They need to find a way to fix this and unfortunately there is no good way to fix this to be honest.  They need more depth, and they need more skill in the secondary.

I don’t even want them to win games anymore.  The difference between 4-12, 6-10 or 8-8 or whatever means nothing to me.  They might as well keep losing and get a top 10 pick; need to acquire a player with skill.  Tonight will be interesting though, they’ll probably win just because I’m not concerned with whether they win or lose the rest of the year.  All that matters is keeping your important players healthy, and gearing up for next season to make a run with this potential.

This team is beyond frustrating.  I try to describe the frustration and I’m just at a loss for words.  Being in love with the Lions really sucks sometimes most of the time. Ugh.

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