Nike Sues Reebok Over Selling Jets Tebow Jerseys

As I’m sure everyone has heard, Tim Tebow was traded to the New York Jets last week.  The reason for this lawsuit is that Nike believes that they have lost the ability to capitalize on a unique business opportunity.  Meaning they want to get all the profits from Tebow’s massive amounts of followers buying his new jersey.  A player like Tebow will have fans that flock to whichever team that he plays for and will want his jersey as soon as it is available to them.  This also means that the Jets are not likely altering their jerseys in any way for the upcoming season.  Reebok is selling jerseys at a huge discount to get rid of their stockpiles, and if Nike decided to sue Reebok over the new Tebow jerseys they can’t be that different.  Who would want to pay $120 for a Nike Tebow jersey over $80 for a Reebok Tebow jersey? Enter lawsuit.

This is obviously a minor issue in the grand scheme of things, but I feel no sympathy for Reebok who sued a local Denver store that was offering money to remove Brandon Marshall’s nameplate and replace it with a Tim Tebow one.  The store was just trying to do fans a favor and screwed them over.  Reebok should have acted more like they did with the Columbus Blue Jackets, when the Blue Jackets had a promotion that they would change the Jeff Carter nameplate for a Jack Johnson one free of charge.  Granted in that situation, the Blue Jackets probably paid Reebok a fee and had their permission, but either way, show some compassion.

In other news, Shawn Hunwick signed a 5-day amateur tryout contract with the Blue Jackets.  Their starting goalie took a clapper to the head in the morning skate and so the Blue Jackets needed an emergency backup.  With Hunwick being a local, it was an obvious choice.  He’ll take a seat on the bench tonight at the Joe, but I wouldn’t be shocked if he played because the likelihood that starter Allen York gets shelled by the Wings is extremely high.

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