The NFL Catches Everyone

This blog seems to be turning more into a football blog right now, but I guess that is mainly because there’s not much to talk about in the way of hockey.  The Wings finally ended their losing streak last night, and Michigan Hockey had a rough outing against Cornell on Friday.  With the trade deadline come and gone and only another week of the season left, controversy and news is limited.  The only real news worth mentioning is that Alexander Radulov got a ridiculous waiver that if he left the KHL and rejoined the Predators, because he is still under contract in Nashville, he wouldn’t have to clear the NHL waiver wire.  Keep in mind he has been in the KHL the last four years, and adding him to the Predators is bad for everyone in the Western Conference.  I’m just hoping that he plays like Hudler did the first time he came back to the NHL from the KHL.

In other news, Tiger Woods looks good on the course today, he’s been dropping dimes all over the greens.  I hope he wins.  Partly because I still feel bad for the guy, and partly because I am sick to death of Sportscenter discussing whether or not he will ever be able to play like he used to be.  I’m also starting to notice that the more I talk about stuff the upsets me that its stuff the mainstream media keeps throwing in the viewers faces…interesting.

Dan Snyder is the Redskins Owner and spends ridiculous amounts of cash…

Onto the real point of this post.  The NFL and Roger Goodell seem to miss nothing.  It was reported a couple of weeks ago that the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins would have to forfeit $46 Million in salary cap (combined, not each) because they created a bunch of front-loaded contracts in the uncapped year.  To translate, they paid more of the players contracts during a year where there was no salary cap, and so they could pay them less while there was a cap after the new CBA.  The NFL caught this, and decided to take the money they forfeited, divide it up to 28 other teams, so teams gained $1.6 Million in cap room, if they wanted it, five teams decided to take it in 2013 and not 2012 (Cincinnati, Jacksonville, Denver, Minnesota, and Tampa Bay).  These were all teams that had plenty of cap room for this year and didn’t need the extra cash.  You may also be wondering why I said other 28 teams, instead of other 30 teams (for those of you that didn’t catch it, there are 32 NFL teams).  The reason for that is the NFL determined that the New Orleans Saints and the Oakland Raiders used a similar strategy, but it wasn’t as grossly obvious and so the NFL just made it so they do not get any additional cash.

I really have to commend Roger Goodell for catching something like this and having the balls to do something about it.  He handles controversy pretty well and I honestly believe that he is the best commissioner since Pete Rozelle.  If you don’t know who Rozelle is, just know that without him there is literally no NFL.  The only thing is now, the Skins and Cowboys are filing a grievance with the NFL and the NFLPA to get their cap penalties overturned.  Whether they get overturned or not will be a drawn out process, but I think it is safe to say that if these cap penalties stay imposed that these teams will not compete for a Super Bowl this year.

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