Leaf Arrested Twice In Four Days; Mikel Leshoure facing Drug Charges

Former Washington State Quarterback Ryan Leaf, who has been forever known as the quarterback drafted after Peyton Manning #2 overall in 1998, was arrested twice in the last four days.  The second arrest came just three days after he posted a $76,000 bond.  Leaf has been in trouble since his NFL career flamed out, and is still serving a 10 year probation in the state of Texas for similar crimes (Espn.com).  The two arrests were both because he burglarized a home and stole prescription drugs.  It is clear that he has not been able to control his addiction to the pain killers despite undergoing treatment.

It’s clear that this guy is a complete moron, but when you have a disease and have to feed an addiction, you’ll do whatever it takes to get what you want.  And I mean I get it.  You lose in the Heisman race to Charles Woodson, then you lose to Michigan and Charles Woodson in the Rose Bowl, then you get drafted #2 overall where you’re expected to resurrect a franchise, while the guy drafted ahead of you works his way to becoming a Hall of Fame quarterback.  I’m not making excuses for the guy, but it’s pretty obvious why he would want the pain killers.  He’s one of the biggest busts in NFL history and will always be seen that way.

In Detroit Lions news, runningback Mikel Leshoure, who was drafted in the 2nd round last year and missed all of last year with a torn Achilles, is facing felony drug charges that carry up to a two-year sentence.  This dumbass has been arrested twice for drug charges in the last month, and the most recent one, he was pulled over for a traffic stop and the officer saw him chewing on marijuana (freep.com).  What are you thinking?  Then he doesn’t show up for the hearing, because apparently he thought it was on a different day.  My issue here is even if the police don’t do anything but fine him, he could be suspended.  Roger Goodell has shown he is a complete hard ass and doesn’t take any crap.  Take a look at what happened to the Saints, and what he did to their head coach.  You think he will have any problem suspending a second round pick that hasn’t played a game yet?  He’ll probably love the opportunity to do it.  So this is what I have to say….get your act together Leshoure.  The Lions need a runningback and the team does not have time for jackasses that are going to get suspended by the commissioner.  It’s no wonder the Lions GM says they will take a look at a runningback in the draft this year.

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