NFL Expanding To 34 Teams In The Future?

I’ve been a big fan of Roger Goodell since he became the new commissioner of the NFL.  I think that he has done a very good job handling various issues around the league and even when the NFL was having trouble getting a new Collective Bargaining Agreement done, he still over saw a process that didn’t result in any lost regular season games.  That being said, I have a huge issue with him trying to expand the league to 34 teams.  I don’t like the idea of having 17 teams in each conference and then having unbalanced divisions.  The current setup is as perfect as you can get.  I understand that he wants to add a team in Los Angeles because it is one of the biggest markets in the United States, but to what end?  The talk is that if the NFL adds a team in Los Angeles, as opposed to moving a current franchise there, that they would try to add a team in London (Forbes).

Now this is all hypothetical talk, because Goodell has not put a timetable down for when the NFL would return to Los Angeles.  The issue with having a full-time team in London is that I don’t think enough people will want to see eight football games a year.  Once a year? Sure.  That’s why the Winter Classic is a success for the NHL, but you don’t see the NHL wanting to play every game outside.  Finding support for a full-time team and finding players willing to go there will be tough, not only that but traveling there and back becomes a huge expense and an absolute pain.  There is a reason that the NFL Europe failed.

Goodell says that the league doesn’t want to move any current teams, but I really don’t see how they can get a team in Los Angeles any other way if they want to put the 34th team in London (ESPN).  If they want to put the 34th team somewhere else in the United States, then the NFL will definitely expand in the future.  It will be much harder to create divisions, but since the NFL is a Billion Dollar industry, they’ll find a way.  But putting a team in London full-time is a disaster waiting to happen.

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