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NHLPA Announces NHL Players Willing To Play Without CBA To Avoid Lockout

The CBA, or lack there of, is the giant hold up right now for the NHL.  Without one, there is no way to determine the rules for dividing money, or what rules the league will operate under.  But, earlier this … Continue reading

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ESPN Is At It Again.

Linsanity, Just Lin Baby, Just BalLin; if you’ve watched ESPN in the last week, these are all things that you would have heard.  I watched Sportscenter yesterday and they asked Jalen Rose to give his professional opinion as to whom … Continue reading

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Internet Articles On The Winter Classic

This was by far the biggest news of the day, and quite frankly, with the amount of press that it has gotten in less than 24 hours, there was little point for me to write my own blog post…again.  So, … Continue reading

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The Worst Kept Secret In the NHL….The 2013 Winter Classic

One of TSN’s hockey analysts Bob McKenzie (TSN is Canada’s version of ESPN), said today on Twitter that the 2013 Winter Classic matchup will be made official at Thursday news conferences.  He also said the matchup will be Toronto vs. … Continue reading

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Why The Detroit Red Wings Will Win The Stanley Cup This Year.

  This Detroit Red Wings team is an extremely enjoyable team to watch, especially when they are playing well and playing like they have something to prove.  The Wings have been on a tear at home as of late, winning … Continue reading

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