The NFL Combine

I love watching the NFL Combine.  I’m not sure why, but I enjoy watching the process players have to go through in order to improve their draft stock.  My only real issues with the Combine are how much stock NFL teams put into measurables like players 40 yard dash times, and how big of a deal the media makes out of players not participating in certain drills.  I think that things like that are important to an extent, but realistically no football player will be running for 40 yards in a straight line without pads on.  I think that teams should focus more on game film as opposed to combine numbers.  That being said if anyone’s numbers on a certain drill are extremely brutal, it is fully acceptable to take those into account.  For instance, Mike Adams, thought once to be a first round left tackle out of Ohio State, put up only 19 reps of 225 lbs on the bench press; that is pathetic.  As a left tackle it is vital for them to be strong, Junior Hemingway (WR, Michigan) put up 21 reps.

In a separate issue, Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck are not throwing any passes at the combine and the media was criticizing them for not doing so.  I think RG3 said it best when he told the media that if teams want to watch him throw they should put on some of his game film or come to his pro day.  If a player isn’t comfortable doing something, then they should absolutely not do it.  This is their future at stake here and they should not take the situation lightly.

Once the combine is over, I will put up a review of the players that helped themselves the most and hurt themselves at the most at the Combine….stay tuned.

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