2017 NFL Draft Losers

As always, I have to throw out the disclaimer that some of these drafts could end up panning out, but the rapid reaction for these teams is no bueno. Fortunately for NFL teams, this was a very deep draft so there were a lot of teams that did a really good job. And the ones that did not do a good job, still did a good enough job to not be considered a flop.

Chicago Bears

Man, do I feel for Chicago Bears fans right now. I’m not even remotely sold on Mitch Trubisky as a stud NFL quarterback and the fact they were negotiating with themselves to pay a King’s ransom to move up one spot is highly questionable. You would think that maybe they would draft some big time players with their other picks…but they went with Adam Shaheen, Eddie Jackson, Tarik Cohen and Jordan Morgan. It’s almost like they did not have the budge to scout any big name schools other than Alabama. Shaheen is an intriguing tight end but he’s not a good blocker despite his frame. He could start this year, but there were better options to fill holes in that slot. Eddie Jackson has potential to start but it will not be right away. Then they drafted Tarik Cohen to be a change of pace back for Jeremy Langford…but that was a bit early for my taste. The bottom line is they traded up for a guy that will not start Day One with Mike Glennon there and then they did not get any starters with their remaining five picks. A very frustrating day for Bears fans.

Jacksonville Jaguars

I could probably put the Jags draft in the boom or bust category at the end, but I’m really just not a fan of it. They got a work horse back in Fournette, but they already have T.J. Yeldon and Chris Ivory. It seems to me like a very poor allocation of draft capital and cap space to spend that much on those three running backs. He will likely be a stud, but there are so many holes on this team that there were other issues to address. Getting Cam Robinson in the second round was a nice pick up and if he can turn around his stagnant development, he will be a solid starter. Smoot has some intriguing traits as a pass rusher, but he does not have a track record of success which is not reassuring. Dede Westbrook is a good player but a terrible person. If he stays out of trouble, he could be a good player…but that’s a big if. On top of that, with Allen Robinson, Allen Hurns, Marqise Lee, and Rashad Greene already at wide reciever, there were other issues they could have addressed. Jalen Myrick is a freaky athletic corner, but he’s not going to have an impact anytime soon.

The Jaguars have been that team for the past few years where you keep saying, okay now THIS is the year they put it all together and then they go ahead and flop. They have talent on their roster and if they do not get it together this year, then that will be it for Blake Bortles. Fortunately for them, if they are terrible, they’ll likely get one of Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen or Josh Allen next year.

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams did not have a first round pick this year from the Jared Goff trade so that puts them behind the 8-ball immediately. Obviously, if Goff pans out, that first round pick will be well-spent. I personally do not see it with Jared Goff, but it’s not as though he’s had a lot of time to try to succeed. (You’ll notice that I’m not really a fan of any of the quarterbacks picked the last two years.)

This is the type of draft where I liked some of the players they picked, but there were far too early for my taste. I like Gerald Everett and Cooper Kupp, but taking both of them in the Top 70 is not great. They want to get playmakers on offense but this was a deep draft at TE and WR. They could have waited to take a tight end instead of reaching for Everett and I would have rather taken Chris Godwin over Kupp in the third round. Josh Reynolds is an intriguing prospect in the fourth, but looking at their draft, I do not see any Day One starters, which is a bit of an issue when you’re a bad team. They were smart trying to get weapons, but I think they could have taken better players in those spots. Only time will tell which one of us is right.

New York Giants

The Giants are a team that I did not include on here initially but looking back at it, I decided to toss them into the mix. They needed a tight end to go with a potent receiving crew and Evan Engram is not one. He’s listed as a tight end, but for all intents and purposes, he’s a wide receiver. He’s not going to be able to block and while he’s a nice toy for Eli and will cause some matchup problems, he’s not the true tight end they needed.

Dalvin Tomlinson is a beast in the middle but drafting Davis Webb in the third as the heir apparent to Eli was an interesting decision. I do not see it with Davis Webb and while Eli is getting up there, they could have tried to address the offensive line or linebacker positions there. I like Wayne Gallman, but I do not think he’s going to be a game-breaking pro. Overall, it was not an inherently bad draft, I just do not think they addressed their needs as well as they should have.

Boom or Bust: Seattle Seahawks

Personally, I do not mind the Seahawks draft, but it does raise some questions. Russell Wilson needs an offensive line and they only drafted two of them. One of which was Ethan Pocic, and they promptly announced him as a tackle. You can probably count the number of times moving a college center to tackle in the NFL has worked and I’m not a fan of the move. Malik McDowell is the definition of boom or bust. Going to Seattle gives him a higher chance of success, and he has incredible talent, but his motor is questionable and it’s going to be interesting to see if he can get it figured out.

I loved the Delano Hill and Amara Darboh picks (duh). I think Hill is just scratching the surface of his potential and he’s a highly athletic and physically impressive safety. Darboh is a “can’t miss good” prospect. He will likely never be a stud go-to wide receiver, but he’s got the makings of a productive #2 wide receiver for a lengthy career.

But if you look at this draft as a whole, you did not address key offensive line needs and Malik McDowell is a question-mark. It could make for an interesting season for Russell Wilson.

(Photo via: Yahoo Sports)

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