2016 NFL Draft Losers

Carson Wentz

There were quite a few drafts that were marred by picks that I didn’t like. They weren’t bad as a whole, but they definitely weren’t good. Then there were drafts like the Eagles which were just atrocious.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles

In 2015, Eagles Executive VP Howie Roseman said that trading up for one player is not usually good for the team that is trading up and giving up the assets. Then in 2016, Roseman traded up to draft Carson Wentz. Do I think Wentz sucks? No. Do I think that Carson Wentz struggled to beat out a guy for 3 years that ended up being a UDFA and then broke his wrist his Senior year starting and missed 8 games and did not improve enough to be considered a 1st round pick? Yes.

It doesn’t really matter what the rest of the Draft was (it does not help that I did not like it), to trade up and mortgage the future to get Carson Wentz after you already have $34 million tied up in Sam Bradford and Chase Daniel? We’ll call that an EFF grade (Epic Fucking Fail). If Carson Wentz turns out to be great…sure, then you’re in business. But I do not see it happening and you know that as soon as Bradford or Daniel play bad that the impatient Philly fans will be screaming for Wentz. I’m very glad I’m not an Eagles fan right now….they’re a mess.

Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns

I really love the Cleveland Browns trading down to acquire more and more picks….and quite honestly, I liked quite a few of these picks…but to draft 5 wide receivers is just absolutely asinine. They had so many assets and used them in such an inefficient manner. And the order they drafted these wide receivers in makes even less sense. I really like the Nassib, Schobert, Kindred and Higgins picks. Coleman is a good player but he’s going to have to learn more routes than a screen, bubble or a go route to be an efficient receiver. Shon Coleman is a major risk and while I wanted the Lions to take Cody Kessler…I was thinking round 6 or 7, not round 3. They had some major reaches and taking 5 wide receivers with your considerable resources makes this Draft a “loser.”

Laremy Tunsil, Hugh Freeze and Ole Miss

I’m clumping all of these into one because they are all interconnected. Tunsil’s stock dropped like a rock after the video of him using a gas mask bong was posted to his official twitter account and things only got worse for him once someone started posting private conversations of him talking with an assistant AD asking for money. Then after he was picked, he was asked if he took money from the coaching staff and Ole Miss and he responded “I would say yes.” It was a “did he really just say that?” moment and a bombshell that spells nothing but horrible news for Freeze and Ole Miss. Freeze and Ole Miss were arguably the biggest losers of the entire draft and Tunsil lost about $7 million. Yeesh.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers

I like the Vernon Butler pick and he’s going to be a good scheme fit. But I’m not sure that Bradberry, Worley and Sanchez can replace Josh Norman, let alone one of them doing it. Having this few of picks available and then using them in the way they did is not ideal. Not to say that the Panthers are not a good team, but they were exposed in some areas (offensive line) by the Denver Broncos and could have definitely upgraded or at least tried to.

New York Jets

New York Jets

Darron Lee is a guy that I liked and I think he’s going to be a solid player for the Jets, he fits in their scheme and plays like an absolute missile. But drafting Hackenberg in round 2 makes the Jets an automatic loser. Hackenberg had potential but I’m not sure it is there any more, it’s going to be interesting to see how he develops in an intense market like New York. My money is on Hackenberg washing out and the Jets wasting another pick. They desperately need to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs did a good job with their first two picks helping out their secondary with VH3 and their pass rush with Noah Spence. But trading up for Roberto Aguayo is absolutely not ideal. Kickers do contribute to offense and are important, but in the second round? And to trade up to get him? Yuck. He was automatic inside of 40 yards but he was 20/29 from 40+ yards in his career and that’s where an NFL kicker makes his money, especially a kicker for the Bucs. He’s a guy that obviously has talent, but the lack of accuracy from 40+ yards hardly makes him worth a second round pick.

I mean a first round pick on a kicker?! Just…lol. Come on, man.

Boom or Bust: Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

Last year I picked the Green Bay Packers class as the boom or bust class and holy hell was I right (luckily). They ended up being absolutely superb and I’m glad that I did not classify them as a “loser.” This year, I’m picking the Cowboys to be boom or bust. They failed to get Paxton Lynch, a guy they coveted, but the real issue here is Jaylon Smith. He might never play football again and they took him in the second round. I also do not love the Maliek Collins pick, but the Ezekiel Elliott and Charles Tapper picks were great. Want another reason this class is boom or bust? Rico Gathers is basketball player. Good ‘ol Jerry Jones rolling the dice.

Photo via: Bleacher Report

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