AP Poll Olympics: Week 2

Another week and there are still some familiar faces taking home some medals.  It’s still early in the year, but some of these guys are making powerful statements and showing how little they actually know about college football.

Bronze Medal: Scott Wolf, Los Angeles Daily News.

Scott is a very confused man when it comes to Louisville and is clearly drinking the Teddy Bridgewater Kool-Aid.  It’s really a shame that Louisville has such a cupcake schedule, because they are practically guaranteed to go undefeated.  Yes, Louisville shredded Florida last year, but that was last year and it was one game that they had over a month to prepare for.  BYU and Northern Illinois are drastically overrated here, and Wolf has no idea what he is doing leaving Washington, Notre Dame and Wisconsin unranked.

Silver Medal: Glenn Guilbeau, Gannett Louisiana News Service.

After sharing a silver medal last week, Glenn decided he wanted to take home the honor on his own this time.  Florida State, TCU and Virginia Tech get significant bumps in Glenn’s poll for no reason.  Florida State has beaten one real opponent and that was barely classified as a test.  TCU meanwhile got served up by LSU and Texas Tech, though he voted on this before Texas Tech took down the Horned Frogs, there was still no reason for them to be top 15.  Putting Fresno State and Michigan State ahead of Northwestern and UCLA is flat out insane.  Michigan State gets more offense out of its defense than its offense, not a sign of a top 25 team.

Gold Medal: Doug Lesmerises, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Doug Lesmerises holds strong onto the top spot and it is pretty easy to see why.  That Top 5 is a strong indicator that Lesmerises is either clinically insane or suffered a closed head injury prior to the college football season.  How anyone could rank Clemson, Miami and Michigan 1, 2, 3, in a poll is absolutely beyond me.  It is past any form of logic or reasoning.  The same goes for putting Alabama at #5, Washington #10, Stanford #12, Texas A&M #14, Illinois #18 and Bowling Green #19; nothing in this poll makes any sense.  It is almost as if he is doing it on purpose so that people are talking about him and his rankings.

Here is my poll for this week:

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