AP Poll Olympics: Week 1, Year 2

Another year, another week of terribly uniformed “writers” casting votes for how good they think football teams are.  I personally hate preseason polls and they’re one of the reasons these early polls end up being terrible.  This year is of course no different, and we have some familiar faces in the polls early on.

Bronze Medal: Drew Sharp, Detroit Free Press.

Drew Sharp is a Big Ten hating and Michigan hating schmuck.  He’s on Skip Bayless’ level of stupid.  Leaving Michigan unranked, but keeps Boise State ranked after they lost 38-6 to Washington.  There is some major Pac-12 and SEC bias in this poll and the fact that he has Michigan unranked is nothing short of a joke.

Silver Medal-tie: Sam McKewon, Omaha (NE) World-Herald and Glenn Guilbeau, Gannett Louisiana News Service.

Texas #3, Stanford #13, Florida #23…the guy must be brain dead.  Nothing to really dissect here other than the fact that this guys poll has Texas terribly overrated.

Looks like our friend Glenn has bought into the Jameis Winston hype early and often.  #2 is a bit much after one win against Pittsburgh and TCU is ranked awfully high for losing to LSU.  It’s almost like he wants to leave TCU ranked highly to help LSU’s strength of schedule.  I’m not sure how Oklahoma State warrants being put at #8 or how there are three other writers that put them there and how one put them higher.

Gold Medal: Doug Lesmerises, Cleveland Plain Dealer.

The worst poll to start off the year was a runaway freight train.  I mean no one was catching my man Doug here.  His top 3 is a complete abomination, there is no reason for Alabama to start off anywhere but #1 and stay there until they lose.  Then he puts Washington at #8 after beating a horrible Boise State team?  His whole poll is a mess, Stanford and Florida got lowballed, while Bowling Green, Cincinnati and Virginia got their tires pumped for no reason.  He knew on Twitter that he was going to take a few licks for this poll, but it’s a joke.  This poll alone should be enough to get his vote rescinded.  Looks like Dougie is going for the Championship Belt this year.

Here’s my poll:

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