Back up and running

There will still be some tweaks coming to the site as time goes on, but as of the moment, everything seems to be in working order.  This post is going to be a compilation of a few things, so bear with me.

We’re about three or four hours away from Miguel Cabrera becoming the first triple crown winner in 45 years, which is purely awesome.  I think him winning the triple crown is a way bigger deal than the Tigers making the playoffs, even though its the first time they’ve done it back-to-back since like the 1930s.  If I could only choose one, I would rather see the triple crown, because well, the Tigers losing doesn’t really bother me (sorry), and with their relief pitching all but guarantees they won’t win a world series.  Plus, who knows when anyone will be this close to a triple crown ever again.  If he doesn’t win the AL MVP, I will literally lose any respect that I still had for the MLB.  It will just prove that league is a complete sham and the awards that aren’t based on statistics, they are a popularity contest.

I’m hoping that this bye week will allow Michigan football to get back on track, but we’ll know for sure what the benefit of the bye week was on Saturday.  Hopefully they’ve been utilizing it well.  They should still beat Purdue, but they need to cut down on the turnovers (duh).  I have faith that they can get their crap together, after all, they can still win the Big Ten Championship.

Meanwhile, Michigan basketball got some new uni’s to accompany the revamping of Crisler Arena.  I guess you might as well update everything all at once.  The basketball program has definitely come a long ways and I’m excited to see the team and the finishing touches that have been put on Crisler.  They haven’t had this highly ranked of a recruiting class since the Fab Five, and with the miraculous return of Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr, this team can compete for a Big Ten Championship and maybe even a National Championship.  Losing Zack Novak hurts, especially from a leadership stand point, but the addition of the talented freshmen should compensate.

Literally cannot wait to see the maize and the blue uni’s.

The Michigan hockey team is moved back into Yost and the arena looks great; if you ignore the new ice side dining area.  The removal of the first three rows in the corners and adjusting where season ticket holders sit is a gigantic mistake by Athletic Director Dave Brandon.  But, considering he’s only made a few minor mistakes, I’ll let this one slide…at least if he moves our seats back to where they should be.

It’s definitely a much needed face lift, and I can’t wait to see the concourse.  Later I’ll discuss the AP Poll medal winners, and why the Lions are so bad right now.

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