The Weekly Horrible AP Polls

I’m starting a new tradition on this blog. Each week, I’m going to rank the top three worst media polls of the week. I could analyze them each week but it would just be more of the same stuff where I say, “what in the hell are you morons on thinking?” So instead I’m just going to put them in a blog post for you to look at yourself, while I wonder which one had the most recent closed head injury to explain their horrific rankings.

The bronze medalist comes from the Los Angeles Daily News and is a newcomer to the blog. His name? Scott Wolf.

The silver medalist is a mainstay on this blog, Doug Lesmerises from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

And the gold medalist for this week, and still undefeated champion of the world, Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News. Seriously, this guy is as dominant as Michael Phelps when it comes to knowing absolutely nothing about football; nobody can touch him.

UCLA 18? Michigan 15? MSU 12? Notre Dame 5? Put down the crack pipe buddy. How is this guy not embarrassed by this poll? I’m embarrassed for him.

Remember, for your viewing pleasure, all of these polls can be found at Poll Speak.

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