Cornell Cuts Ties With Adidas and Why This Applies To Michigan

I’m bored so I’ve decided to write about this, and while at first glance this may seem extremely insignificant.  But allegations came out this past April that Adidas was having apparel and equipment made in sweatshops in Indonesia.  One of the major reasons that Michigan cut ties with Nike was the fact that they were not high on the priority list and because they used sweatshops to make their products.  Now with the allegations being investigated further, Cornell has severed their ties with Adidas, and apparently the University of Wisconsin is considering the same thing.  Wisconsin severed their ties with Nike in 2010 because of the sweatshop issue.

Adidas paid Michigan a $6.5 million signing bonus in 2007 and the apparel deal is worth $7.5 annually in cash and merchandise and lasts until 2016-17.  There is a five-year option  to extend the contract after the 2016-17 season if the school wants.  The only reason I bring this up is what will Michigan do?  There were already protests by students in April regarding the contract and the sweatshops and now that Cornell has made a bold move and cut ties, could there be more?  It should be noted that it is in Michigan’s contract with Adidas that the company must pay their workers.

Obviously if Michigan decided to sever the ties with Adidas they would not go back to Nike.  With the NFL contract now, Nike would not even come close to offering the type of deal that Adidas could offer Michigan, and I absolutely hate about 70% of the pro combat uniforms that they are making.  Not to mention the fact that Michigan likes being a big fish for Adidas, so the company pays more attention to them, caters to them more and most importantly gives them a more lucrative contract.  I personally like Nike apparel more than Adidas, but I understand why Michigan is with Adidas.

   (This jersey does not represent their team colors, what are you doing Nike?)

While I don’t think that Michigan would ever sever ties with Adidas, it’s interesting to think about which company they could go to.  Reebok? Under Armour?  Neither are great choices.  Whoever it is will also have to be non-sweatshop certified companies.  I was a big fan of Under Armour until they started making uniforms for Maryland, which are bar none the worst designed uniforms I’ve ever seen.  A lot is going to depend on how much truth there is to these allegations.  It seems like they are pretty real if Cornell is cutting ties and Wisconsin is considering it.   Michigan could wait until the contract is up to make a decision, but it will depend on how the Liberals react to all of this if the story ever gains significant ground.

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10 Responses to Cornell Cuts Ties With Adidas and Why This Applies To Michigan

  1. ChrisGayBosh says:

    Dunno if you knew this but Michigan’s deal with Adidas guarantees that Michigan is always the highest-paid school Adidas sponsors. It’s an unprecedented financial security blanket that ensures Michigan keeps making mad bank. It’s interesting, though, that Michigan would push for this clause in their contract – it implies that Brandon (or I guess Martin at the time) figured Adidas would keep growing to other big market teams. Michigan has always been about maintaining its high prestige, putting “building the brand” above all else. If Adidas starts losing sponsorships, we’ll go back to Nike; it’s the only other brand solvent with our branding. While I admit that it would be kinda weird to go back to Adidas so soon after leaving them, but once Michigan’s contract expires I think we will.

  2. “A lot is going to depend on how much truth there is to these allegations.”

    I would think that everything would hinge on the truth of the allegations. Either way, interesting article…I had not heard about this yet.

  3. Ronald Rutger says:

    We would go back to Nike. In fact the only reason why we went with Adidas was because Nike would have had to restructure all of their other current contracts with universities that they sponsor; little had to do with the sweatshops such as you state in this article. Also, after Rich Rod was fired, Dave Brandon sat down with the players and told them to speak their mind about anything else that is becoming an issue. Shockingly, man players were venting to Brandon about how they are displeased with the Adidas sponsorship. The players want to go back to Nike.

  4. Kyle F. says:

    PLEAAASSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEE go back to Nike! They would have done far better than what the “3 stripes” has done with the look of Michigan athletics! Michigan bowl games and BBall unis are tragic! Nike would have catered well to the prestige that is the Maize and Blue allah the FAB 5 and the Charles Woodson days when I got into the Michigan way! I understand the financial aspect of the move but please get that out of your system and go back to the Swoosh so I can sleep better at night! GO (back to Nike) BLUE!

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  6. Maze&Blue Junkie says:

    Its simple adidas sucks!!!!!!!!! I mean they jerseys suck they shoes suck. To be truthful every shoe company have sweat shops…….who would not love to see nike elite jerseys in maize and blue and a come back of the old logo with the wolverine with his Michigan hat.SOOOOOO PLEASE MICHIGAN PRETTY PLEASE GO BACK TOO NIKE BEFOR 2016_17 SEASON

  7. Zeke says:

    I have always been a NIKE fan. A few years ago I was tired of the NIKE look and bought a pair of adidas for my rec league basketball team. They were terrible and I went right back to NIKE. Now I am an assistant coach of a high school boys basketball team and the coach says the adidas salesman gave him a deal he couldn’t refuse. The kids hate them, and so do I. I am a big Michigan fan who does not wear any Michigan gear. People ask me why and it’s because of adidas. Please go back to NIKE.

  8. David Rosato says:

    I agree with many on this forum. Michigan and its brand should be with Nike. I have never gotten used to the three stripes on Michigan uniforms. One, it is awkward and two, it reminds of the woeful Rich Rod era, even though Brady Hoke is doing a good job (do not let last year s season fool you). The white road and home maize should always have the swoosh.

  9. Damien BWLVRN says:

    Please tell me NOT 3 MORE YEARS OF ADIDAS!! All my old school Nike Michigan gear is worn out and I refuse to buy anything Adidas Michigan!! Our teams had much more swagger when under the Swoosh…those were the days. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK!!
    P.S. – Guarantee we will get more and better recruits w/ Nike. We did before….

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