Calvin Johnson Listed On Lions Injury Report With Foot Injury

As I have said before, perhaps over 1 Million times, THERE IS A MADDEN CURSE.  Now they’re saying that Calvin is “fine” and it’s more “precautionary,” but this is why all of you morons that voted for Calvin to be on the cover are in fact, morons.  He missed practice today, and sure it’s only one practice, but that’s how it starts; who knows how quickly it could escalate.  Seriously, there is a laundry list of players that have experienced the curse, and all of you clowns wanted him on the cover?  Way to go.  We don’t know how serious it is at the moment, but it is time to start praying that it is nothing.

No one listened to my warning and now theres this.  I had been holding my breath every time he was on the field to begin with, and now he is listed with an injury and we have no idea how serious it is.  Sure, it could be a bone bruise and be nothing, but what if its a lisfranc injury?  Ask Ronnie Brown how easy it is to come back from that.  In case you didn’t know, that’s the injury that cause Ronnie Brown to go from Wildcat hero, to complete duster in a span of a few months.  It’s a serious injury that has a permanent impact.  I’m just praying Calvin can make it through this year without any serious or permanent issues.

Screw you, EA Sports.  Why don’t you put Tim Tebow on the cover, only ESPN would miss him.

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