Thursday Sports Mashup

To the delight of Red Wings fans everywhere, Alex Semin signed with the Carolina Hurricanes on a 1 year, $7 Million deal.  To me this is a great pickup for Carolina, and even though I’m by no means a fan of Semin and this is clearly overpaying for him, he adds some offensive ability to a team that can use all the goals it can get.  The Hurricanes have quietly gotten very dangerous on offense this season with the additions of Jordan Staal and Semin; that is until Semin has to play a playoff game.

To add to the woes of missing out on Semin, and everybody else this Summer, the Red Wings have backed out on talks with Shane Doan, you can see why here.

I feel like a broken record, continually talking about how bad of a Summer the Wings have had, but at this point there is nothing else to talk about.  As the Summer has gone on, things keep getting worse, and I’m wondering at what point does Kenny Holland get put on the hot seat.  I personally want him to stay as long as he likes, after what he’s done over the years, he’s earned it.  Yes, I obviously expected more out of him this Summer, but there are a lot of terrible GM’s in the NHL and I think it’s best that Kenny stays.  Unfortunately there will be a lot of fans that start calling for his head on the Radio and the Internet, and these are the types of fans that give fan bases a bad name.  Leave it to the few idiots that run their mouths incessantly and give the whole team a bad rep.

The options left for the Wings now are purely trades.  Specifically right-winger Bobby Ryan, and defenseman Keith Yandle or Jay Bouwmeester.  It would be interesting to see Ryan in a Wings uniform.  As a big, right-handed, goal scoring power forward, he is exactly what the Wings are missing.  On the blue line, Yandle is reliable offensively, but is known for being somewhat of a liability in the defensive zone.  As for Jay Bouwmeester?  I can’t stand him.  I think he is overpaid and has never lived up to the hype.  The bottom line is now they will have to give up a player and picks to get something, and this is not really what the Wings can afford to do.  Especially because Valtteri Filppula will be the player asked for in return for any one of these three guys.  Holland is in a pickle no-doubt, and how he handles this situation could define his legacy.

In Michigan Football news, Junior cornerback Terrance  Talbott has left the team, opening up another scholarship for the 2013 class.  That class now stands at 23 guys after receiving the commitment from 4-star cornerback Ross Douglas earlier this week.  Douglas is an Ohio native, and a Penn State de-commit.  You have to wonder if Hoke and company knew that Talbott was leaving and that is why they worked so quickly to snag Douglas.  With 23 guys committed, provided no one de-commits, Michigan will only have two scholarships left.  Needless to say this is not only impressive, but very video game-esque.

And finally, after their long anticipated arrival, the 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony will start tomorrow night.  I for one, prefer the Winter Olympics (obviously), but it is nonetheless a great time to watch elite athletes do what they do best and support your country.

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