Monday Funday: A Big Day In Sports

The morning started off with a bang, obviously with the NCAA making a ridiculous ruling they had no business making.  Shortly thereafter, Michigan runningback Fitzgerald Toussaint was suspended indefinitely for getting arrested for a DUI.  Following suit, Sophomore defensive end Frank Clark was arrested for 2nd degree home invasion (a felony), and was likewise suspended.  I would have to guess that Toussaint will miss the first four games, as his case is fairly straight forward.  As for Frank Clark, I’m really not sure what will happen to be honest.  Stealing a Macbook Air computer out of the Stockwell dorms was a horrible life choice, and I hope that he isn’t convicted.  Hoke has a serious no-nonsense attitude, and I would expect Clark to miss half the year at least, if I had to guess.  Then Michigan went out and unveiled new uniforms that they will wear for the Alabama game in Dallas, which can be seen after the jump.

Michigan also announced that it would be looked at using a newer paint to make a brighter maize for the helmets, while getting rid of the helmet numbers after the Alabama game (which I don’t support).  The gloves for these jerseys are pretty damn sweet, but I must say I hate the yellow shoulders.  If they were all white, then I would be completely on board.  Personally, I’m about ready to stop with all the special commemorative jerseys, but the players and recruits love them and because of that, the jerseys will keep coming, so just sit back and relax and hope they don’t all suck.

On to the hockey news, Rick Nash was traded to the New York Rangers and you can see my full take on the trade over at

In Baseball news, which I never mention, Ichiro Suzuki was traded to the New York Yankees for a pair of pitching prospects.  Even though he is having a down year, this definitely shocked me and was worth me putting into a blog post.  While the Detroit Tigers went ahead and traded pitching prospect Jacob Turner, two other prospects and agreed to swap compensatory trade selections for Omar Infante and Anibal Sanchez.  Sanchez adds some much-needed pitching help, and hopefully adding Infante means that Ryan Rayburn will stop being allowed on the field.

Needless to say, today has been a great day for Kasey King and his New York brethren, and he must just be loving life right about now.

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