A Well Overdue Rant on The NBA and Euro Cup

You can either agree with me or disagree with me on this, but nothing you say will change my mind.  The NBA is a league that is completely rigged and full of soft players.  Yes, I am calling the league rigged and yes, I am calling NBA Players soft.  A team that won seven games this past year did not win the Draft Lottery, but the team that has been run by the NBA for the past year, while they could not find a buyer, won it.  It is an interesting coincidence to say the least.

And maybe I should not make a gross generalization and call all NBA players soft; but at least 98% of them are soft.  Chris Bosh missed games in the playoffs for an abdominal strain….SOFT.  And in game four of the Finals?  LeBron James was carried off the court because of cramps.  Was it that time of the month?  Get this clown some Midol and a Snickers.  Seriously, they gave this dude a full hour on ESPN to announce where he was going to sign as a free agent?  What a complete and utter joke.  But don’t worry, according to ESPN, LeBron James will still be able to play in game five despite suffering cramps.  Marian Gaborik played in the Stanley Cup Playoffs with a torn rotator cuff, while being the New York media’s whipping boy for not playing well.  Do you know what you can do with a torn rotator cuff in hockey?  Nothing.  Sure they can give him pain killers, but that can only do so much when an integral part of your body is hurt.  He would have been in excruciating pain every time he was hit, every time he passed, every time he shot; the list just goes on.  How bout Ryan Kesler?  He’s missing the next 6 months with a torn labrum, yet he still managed to gut it out until his team was eliminated.  Claude Giroux led the playoffs in scoring through the first two rounds and he had surgery on both wrists shortly after.  Ilya Kovalchuk led the NHL playoffs in scoring until the last few games, and he had a herniated disc in his back.  Most people cannot even get out of bed with a herniated disc in their back.  How am I supposed to respect a sport with players that have such a low pain tolerance?  I mean, when I was in seventh grade, I broke my knee cap in half during hockey practice and my dad would not let me get off the ice and made me finish the last 45 minutes of practice.  I literally cannot respect someone who cannot walk while experiencing cramps.

Another sport that drives me nuts?  Soccer.  I’m watching the Euro 2012 right now and these guys are absolutely ridiculous.  Have some self-respect.  Dude is getting medical attention after tripping and falling and he is being taken off on a stretcher.  You know when you are taken off on a stretcher in the NHL?  When you’re unconscious or they think you might be paralyzed.  I respect that these players in the NBA and the soccer players playing in the Euro cup are extremely skilled and are certainly the best players in the world doing what they do, but seriously, sack up.  No one should be this soft.  People will say they’re not playing contact sports, but so what?  Is that a valid reason for acting like a complete and utter wuss?  Here’s what some NHL players had to say on Twitter about LeBron and his cramps….

These quotes are from an article by CBS Boston.

That was initially called a flagrant foul……

Anyone who tries to convince me that this is just “gamesmanship” or “just a part of the game,” should seriously think about what they are saying.  How could you live with yourself for being this soft?  Have some pride.

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