Sports Update: NHL Signings & College Football Playoff

Two days ago, Brad Stuart signed with the San Jose Sharks for 3 years at $3.6 Million per year.  This was to be expected since the Wings dealt him there prior to the July 1st start to free agency.  Even though he had a bad year, it’s nice to see him get a chance to be with his family again.

Yesterday, the Wings signed Darren Helm to a 4 year, $8.5 Million contract.  They probably overpaid a little bit for him here, but they had to get him signed prior to July 1st to see what cap they would have to work with.  Priority one is still to sign Ryan Suter and then Zach Parise.  Cross your fingers.

Tonight, there is the NHL Awards Ceremony, but I will do a recap of those a little bit later this week.  The big news is that the College Conference Presidents reached an agreement on a four-team playoff for college football and have sent it to the BCS committee for approval, which will likely happen on June 26th.  The layout for it is they would have a committee select four teams to play in the National Semifinals, which would take place within the current BCS games, and then the winners would meet in a National Championship game later at a Nationally determined site.  Now there are still details to be hammered out, but the fact that they have agreed that there needs to be a four team playoff starting in 2014 is a HUGE step.  It gives me hope for society, and makes me even happier that Alabama won the National Championship without winning their division or their conference.  It does make me wonder though, if Michigan had gotten a chance at a rematch in 2006 and beaten Ohio State, would the Presidents have made a push for a playoff sooner?  Regardless though, it makes me extremely excited that there will be a college football playoff and it will be interesting to see what the exact details are when it is finally approved in July.

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  1. Chris Ross says:

    I think this was definitely something that was inevitable. A playoff system was coming and it wasn’t a matter of if but more a matter of when. I guess when is going to be 2014. It’s going to be really interesting to see how this changes the game in college football and how much more or less interest it garners in general. Big changes for sure. Also, you think you could take a gander over at my latest blog post because I would absolutely love to hear what you have to say

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