2012 NFL Draft Losers

It’s always tough to declare someone’s draft an automatic loss or a bad draft right after it occurs.  But there are always some drafts that turn out worse than they could have been or teams make selections that are out of the ordinary and ill-advised.  There’s always going to be first round busts, especially guys that could be great, but there’s always a few teams that make those head scratcher selections, like Jacksonville taking Tyson Alualu in 2010.

Chicago Bears- Alshon Jeffery (WR, South Carolina) was a great pick in the second round, but the fact that they passed on a franchise left tackle in Riley Reiff (LT, Iowa) to take Shea McClellin (OLB, Boise St.) was beyond ignorant.  He’s a decent pass rusher that has trouble shedding blocks and played the majority of his games against Mountain West offenses.  Jay Cutler has plenty of weapons around him now, but the question will be can he stay upright long enough to get any of them the ball?  He has been injured multiple times with the Bears because of sacks, and the Bears simply refuse to address the issue.

Seattle Seahawks- If Bruce Irvin (OLB, West Virginia) pans out, Pete Carroll will look like an absolute genius.  But they took a guy in the first round, who given his track record, is completely unreliable and should have been taken more towards the second or third rounds.  He is literally just like Janoris Jenkins (CB, North Alabama), both got in major trouble off the field and both have major talent.  The only issue is that Irvin has gotten into way more trouble than Jenkins has.  Adding Bobby Wagner (MLB, Utah St.) in the second round was also a bit of a reach, but the draft may have been saved when they added Russell Wilson (QB, Wisconsin) in the third round.  While Wilson obviously lacks ideal size, he can be a great player in the NFL.

Oakland Raiders- Have to throw them on here, not because of who they drafted, but because of the lack of picks that they had.  The Raiders continually give up too many draft picks and get nothing in return, they don’t have a first round pick next year either, so they better hope that Carson Palmer plays well.  Not having a first or second this year kills any chance for a successful draft, although Juron Criner (WR, Arizona) was a great selection in the 5th round, and he could be productive for them next year.

New Orleans Saints-  If I put the Raiders on here, it is only fair that I put the Saints on here.  The Saints traded away their first this year, to get Mark Ingram last year, and they forfeited their second round choice because of the “bounty gate”.  The Saints have just had a horrible offseason all around and I would expect them to miss the playoffs this year.  These are the types of decisions that can ruin franchises.

At least the Jags new punter wore an awesome number in college…

Jacksonville Jaguars- Let’s be clear here, Justin Blackmon and Andre Branch were great picks.  They get a franchise wide receiver for their franchise quarterback, and they get a defensive end that could have gone in the first round.  The Jaguars are on here for one reason only; they drafted a punter (Bryan Anger, California) in the third round.  You draft any sort of kicker before round 5 and you automatically lose the draft in my book.  Kickers are a dime a dozen, and you cannot spend high picks on guys that don’t play half the game.  Punters especially fit this bill, at most he’s going to be punting 10 times a game.  Why on earth would you spend a third rounder on a guy who is going to play 10 plays per game?  Enjoy mediocrity Jags fans.

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