Ohio State Self-Reports 46 Secondary Violations

Now that I’m all moved into my room in Colorado Springs, I can keep this blog running on a more consistent basis.

The original article published by ESPN can be found here.  The Athletic Director, Gene Smith, says that 46 violations across 21 sports is a “typical year.”  Now, I understand that almost every program has minor violations, and most of these secondary violations are  petty and stupid.  But shouldn’t something be done if a school is having 46 secondary violations in a “typical year”?  Or at least change the damn NCAA rule book so people don’t get in trouble for saying “good luck” to a recruit before a big high school game.  The NCAA has some serious problems at hand, and quite honestly they’re losing control.  More and more violations come out each year, and they clearly selectively enforce.  If someone self-reports their violations, they usually get off scot-free, even if they are already on probation for something major.  I mean up until a recent rule change, in the NCAA rulebook it specifically stated that Universities could not provide their student-athlete’s with cream cheese during breakfast, but they could provide them with jelly.  I would love to know the thought process that goes through deciding to make something like this an official rule.  The bottom line is that the NCAA either needs to change a ton of their rules and re-do the rulebook from scratch, or they need to actually spend money on enforcing the rules that they have instead of overpaying executives.  Figure it out.

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