2015 Senior Bowl In Review: Stock Is Falling

Bryce Petty

It’s safe to assume that we can just put all of the quarterbacks on this list. They didn’t all prove that they were bad, they just showed how much work they really have to do. I thought that Sean Mannion, Garrett Grayson and Bryce Petty showed that they are draftable and had an okay week, but the others raised some big time flags. On top of that, Brent Hundley did himself zero favors when he decided not to participate in the game. He could have taken advantage of the opportunity and proven himself, but he backed out. It’s a little more understandable that Marcus Mariota didn’t play since he had just played in the National Championship game a week before and had gotten dinged up.

Anyone on that list that is under the “dig deeper” category to find out why they weren’t there is a loser this week. When the director of the Senior Bowl tosses you under the bus and tells scouts to find out why guys didn’t show up, that’s a problem. Now before you ask, no that is not the Kevin White from TCU, that’s Kevin White from West Virginia.

Anyways, moving on to the players that actually hurt their stock during the week with some poor performances. I tried to go easy on guys so I only offered up 5 players that had a problematic time.

Blake Sims, QB, Alabama

Straight up not draftable. He’s a smaller quarterback with very little pocket awareness and had trouble with snaps during the week. He can make some plays because he’s athletic, but he doesn’t have an arm or feel for the game like Russell Wilson to make up for it.

T.J. Clemmings, OT, Pittsburgh

Clemmings has some great potential and will still be a first round pick, let’s just establish that right now. But rather than improve his stock during the week, he got exposed by some pass rushers. He got caught reaching on a lot of different one-on-one drills and was also beat inside a few times. His athleticism is obvious, he just needs some more coaching.

Bryce Petty, QB, Baylor

Just because I said that I thought Petty was draftable and did okay doesn’t mean that his stock didn’t fall. Petty had a chance to try and solidify his spot as the 3rd best quarterback in this draft when Brett Hundley didn’t show up, but he chose not too. Yes, his stats from the game were solid, but he has very little pocket awareness. Too often he is ready to pull it down and bail on a play instead of trusting his offensive line. On top of that, he did little to reassure teams about their concerns over his accuracy.

Ty Montgomery, WR, Stanford

This was not a player I expected to have on this list when the week started. I really like Ty Montgomery but he had an awful week. He came in and measured 2.5 inches shorter than Stanford lists him as (6’2″, actually 5’11”) and then he spent the week dropping passes and didn’t look good running routes. He’s going to need some work, but it seems that returning kicks, getting handoffs and catching screens will be the only way to utilize him for now.

Zack Hodges, LB, Harvard

There was a bit of buzz about Hodges going into the week, but he did nothing to separate himself or establish himself as a solid player. He’s definitely a “tweener” like Michael Sam was, and unfortunately for him, he played against worse competition than Sam did. He looks the part, but he’s not strong enough or explosive enough to pressure the quarterback or get off blocks.

Check out the winners here.

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