God Bless Calvin Johnson: The Road to 2,000

108 more yards.  Seems simple enough.

I fell in love with this guy when he was plying at Georgia Tech.  Specifically on this play:

He was only true freshman when this happened in 2004, and you knew he was poised for greatness.  His legend at Georgia Tech only continued to grow, and when he declared and the Lions had the #2 pick, I was praying they were going to pick him.  Megatron showed up to the combine, not planning to run the 40-yard-dash, but saw everyone else do it and immediately wanted to do it.  He borrowed another players cleats, and ran a 4.35.  Simply incredible.

Why not Brady Quinn, Mel Kiper?  Because Calvin Johnson is going to be the greatest receiver of all-time, that’s why, you jackass.  I thank god every day that Al Davis was alive and running the Raiders when Calvin came out, because Lane Kiffin wanted Calvin Johnson, not Jamarcus Russell, but Davis told him to sit and spin on it.

I also feel bad for Calvin Johnson, just like I felt bad for Barry Sanders.  I pray/wish/hope that the Lions figure it out and get more playmakers to play with Calvin.  He didn’t have to sign an extension, but he did, and he made me extremely happy when he did it; to say the least.  But now it’s time for the coaching staff and the general manager to return the favor.  Calvin put his faith in the Lions, and it’s time for the Lions to give him something to put faith into.  An 8-year extension for $132 Million with $60 Million guaranteed.  That means that he will not be a Lion for life, but close to it.  If we’ve learned anything from Megatron it’s that he is a physical freak, and will play well beyond the age of 35.

More importantly, he signed that monster contract, got his $60 Million guaranteed and went out and had his best season ever.  Sure maybe he didn’t get in the end zone as much, but he was insanely productive.  He could have been like Albert Haynesworth, who took the money and immediately stopped trying, but no.  That’s not the kind of guy Calvin Johnson is.  And that’s why I love him.  He puts the team above himself, and kept working to be the greatest, even though he could have slacked off.  The contract didn’t curtail his desire to be the best.  And that is something that shouldn’t go unnoticed.  Megatron may be the best, but he isn’t a diva; something else that him and Jerry Rice have in common.

Watching him break Jerry Rice’s record Saturday night, along with a few others, was truly something special.  Having him take the ball he broke the record with, run it over to his dad, give him a hug and then go back to the huddle to keep playing, after Atlanta had sealed the game is amazing.  Megatron is nothing but class.

Alright, maybe not the best example, but it’s all I kept thinking of.

And Jerry Rice also deserves some credit; he was nothing but class too.  Throwing up a message on the video board didn’t have to be done, but he did it anyways.  You know if Adrian Peterson breaks Eric Dickerson’s record he won’t do anything like that.

I can’t say it enough but God Bless Calvin Johnson.  I’m going to be thankful for every single day that the Lions have him.  And at this point, he’s one of the few reasons that I want to go to Ford Field each week.  My Dad asked me if I wanted to leave after Stafford’s interception, but I told him no.  I said I wanted to watch Calvin break the record in person, and I’m glad I did.  It was worth the wait and it is obviously the lone bright spot on this dismal season.

Chris Johnson used to be called CJ2k, but pretty soon he’s going to have to relinquish that nickname to Calvin Johnson.  Jon Gruden can say that this record is “tarnished” with meaningless yards all he wants.  Everyone knows that he’s wrong.  I don’t care how many yards you get in garbage time, getting close to 2,000 receiving yards is utterly incredible.  And Calvin is poised to be the greatest of all-time.  Sure, he may have a bit to go to pass Jerry Rice, but he’s on track.  And to everyone that doesn’t think he’s the best receiver in the league, you’re idiots.  I’d love to ask Rob Ryan if he still thinks that the Cowboys have two receivers that are better than Calvin Johnson (Hint: they have 0 better than Calvin).

108 more yards.

All Hail Megatron.

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