If Chip Kelly decides to go to the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles are the perfect fit

I had this realization during Monday Night Football, and it is so obvious I don’t know why it hasn’t been discussed more in depth before.

I honestly don’t see Chip Kelly leaving Oregon, at least not yet, since he still hasn’t won a National Championship.  But, if he were to leave, the Philadelphia Eagles would be the perfect fit for him and his offense.  They have a wealth of playmakers on that offense just waiting to be unleashed.  His backfield would be loaded with Michael Vick, Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown and Dion Lewis.  And then he has a good core of receivers with DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Riley Cooper, Jason Avant and Damaris Johnson.  Then you add Celek at tight end and you have a lot of speed on the squad that would be able to give teams absolute nightmares.

The amount of speed that they have is unmatched in the NFL, and then if you take into account that they could sign Dennis Dixon off the Ravens practice squad, perhaps draft Kenjon Barner, Denard Robinson and an offensive lineman and this team is ready to outscore everyone in the NFL in a hurry.  It would be an absurd amount of playmakers on the field all at once, and because their offensive line is so bad, having a team that primarily runs the ball will save them.  It’s a no brainer that it is easier to pass block than run block, but for some reason the Eagles offensive line seems to have the opposite as true.  They haven’t been able to pass block for Vick or Foles all year, but they keep opening up gashing holes for Shady McCoy and Brown, go figure.

Could you imagine Michael Vick running a read option with McCoy and Bryce Brown in the backfield?  After what I saw out of Brown on Monday Night, he looks like an absolute stud.  He showed why he was a five-star and the best player coming out of High School three years ago.  And if Vick were to go down, you’ve got Dennis Dixon who can step up and run the offense that he ran in college.  I mean, this is practically a no-brainer.  You’ve got playmakers and speed everywhere, teams won’t know what hit them.

After next year he could take De’Anthony in the first round and just ruin the NFC East.

You can’t have Michael Vick sit in the pocket and throw 35 times a game, that’s why they keep losing games.  You have to unleash his running ability.  Sure, Vick has some fumble issues, but it’s not as though he’s going to be running the ball every down.  You can send Jackson in on some Jet sweeps, and same with Damaris Johnson, who hasn’t fumbled returning kicks and punts yet this year.  Get the ball in space and in your playmakers hands.  They keep trying to do this with Foles and Vick passing behind a horrific offensive line.  With Kelly at Head Coach, they could forego the pass and run the ball 50+ times a game.  They would control the clock and wear defenses out, it would be a nightmare.

Hell, you could even make a case that this team could go out and sign Vince Young too.  A bunch of mobile quarterbacks that can run in the backfield and then Nick Foles, who is sort of mobile, could stay as a last resort or something to that effect.  With no fullback and the need for maybe one or two tight ends instead of three, you use those extra spots on quarterbacks to make sure they can run the offense in case one gets hurt.  And if you pick up a guy like Barner and Denard Robinson, then you get two more explosive players to dress in the backfield, and you can dress fewer wide receivers.  The amount of explosiveness they have is being underutilized by Marty Mornhingweig.  Shocker.  He was horrific as the Lions head coach.

Who doesn’t want to see these signs in the NFL?

I literally love this idea, there is no other team that is already built for his offense other than Philadelphia.  If Chip ends up in Kansas City or San Diego, he will have no chance to succeed and he will fall flat on his face.  I hope that he would be smart enough to recognize this, and not leave Oregon unless he gets the Philadelphia offer.

Yes, the defense has had problems, but they’re fixable problems.  They have a lot of playmakers on the defensive side of the ball.  Brandon Graham, Nnamdi Asomugha, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Demeco Ryans, Nate Allen, just to name a few.  I honestly don’t understand how they’re so bad.  It has to be mostly coaching, because the talent is there, they just look unprepared and the play-calling is very bad.

Besides, it’s not like Chip Kelly cares about defense or giving up points.  And with his offense in Philly, it would excite the fans and they would score in a hurry.  I honestly hope that we get to see this.  I would love to see what Kelly could do with this much speed and talent in the pros; the only thing that would be missing would be the Eagles rocking different uniform combinations every week.  This would be the real Dream Team.

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2 Responses to If Chip Kelly decides to go to the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles are the perfect fit

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  2. Vega$ says:

    Predictability! Can’t say I told you so….See it @ THE TRAUB first!

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