The AP Poll Olympics: Week 9

I’m still pissed about the Michigan game this weekend, and really can’t bring myself to write a post about it right now.  It was utterly pathetic and disgraceful.  How in the hell do you not have a viable backup quarterback?  It is literally inexcusable that Devin Gardner hasn’t taken snaps there in weeks.

In a relatable way, so are some of these polls for this week.  And while Jon Wilner again had a decent poll, there were plenty of other morons that stepped up their game for him.

Bronze Medal: Ray Ratto, Comcast Sports Bay Area

This guy is becoming another stalwart on the polls.  Putting Louisville at #8, who needed overtime to beat a garbage Cincinnati team is an utter joke.  This clown overrates all of the garbage teams, it’s like he’s the man responsible for tying to get the teams from the non-AQ conferences or the Big East into the BCS.  I mean seriously, Toledo #17, Kent State #18, Rutgers #20, Northern Illinois #24, is this all a joke?  I don’t think Nebraska is that good, but having them unranked and ranking those four teams where they’re at is brutal.

Silver Medal: Josh Kendall, The State, Columbia SC

This poll is brutal, but it’s nice to see that he at least got the top 3 right.  But seriously, Stanford at #7?  They have beaten one good team.  Then you have Georgia #10, Texas Tech #12, Florida State #13, Arizona #15, and Washington #18?

Georgia upset the #2 team in the country and they should be in the top 7 at least.  Sure they haven’t had the best year, but they knocked off Florida.  Texas Tech and Arizona are ranked in the Top 15 off of one game despite having lack luster seasons otherwise.  Florida State still only has the one bad loss and yet, they continue to get no love.  How is Washington #18?  Sure they beat a way overrated Oregon State and Stanford team, but both of those teams should be outside the top 15.

It’s just shameful what this guy has done with his poll.

Gold Medal: Pete DiPrimio, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

I get it, Notre Dame beat a highly overrated Oklahoma team on the road.  But seriously, how do you justify ranking them #2 over an amazing Oregon team.  Oregon’s starters haven’t even played in the second half this season, how does that not impress anyone?  Until Notre Dame beats a ranked opponent in a bowl game, I will not consider them relevant.  I’ve said it over and over again and will continue to say it.

Having Louisville at #9, Oregon State at #13, Toledo #20, Tulsa #23, Ohio #24 and Nebraska unranked is pathetic.  Louisville shouldn’t be in the top 15, let alone the top 10. Oregon State finally lose, so why are they even ranked highly anymore?  They have no marquee victories on their schedule.

Then the tail end is the typical reason why I hate these voters.  Thrusting garbage MAC teams into the rankings, when a three-loss big ten team is better than them.  Incredibly frustrating to look at week in and week out.

Also if Manti Te’o wins the Heisman I might lose it.  The Heisman has become a glorified popularity contest and it makes me sick.  Ndamukong Suh had utterly superior stats and was more of an impact player than Te’o, and got ZERO Heisman love.  But because Te’o plays on Notre Dame and he has some family members die during the year, he gets to be thrust into the spotlight and be one of the Heisman leaders?  What if Suh had gone to Notre Dame, would he automatically have won the Heisman?  Or how about if Denard Robinson had Geno Smith’s stats?  If Denard had those stats he would have already been given the Heisman, even with his team losing two games.  The popularity contest for the Heisman must stop, and they must get back to picking the best player.  I’ll write a post on this Heisman garbage later.


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