The AP Poll Olympics: Week 7

Some people will never cease to amaze me.  The sheer ignorance and stupidity that radiates from them is damn near impressive.  And between sports and politics there is never a shortage of it either.

Bronze Medal: Cecil Hurt, Tuscaloosa News

Kansas State third ahead of South Carolina is a joke, and especially having them ahead of West Virginia.  Kansas State isn’t the best undefeated team in the Big 12, so how can you have them ranked like they are?  This is not an opinion, this is a fact; West Virginia is the best team in the Big 12.  Clemson at #21 is a complete low ball too, sure they lost to Florida State, but they’re still the second best team in the ACC.  This is a very bad poll, I’m just glad it’s not worse.

Silver Medal: Ray Ratto, Comcast Sports Bay Area (Online)

After his Bronze Medal performance last week, Mr. Ratto decided to step up his performance and work his way to his first career Silver Medal.  With Kansas State at #3, Rutgers at #14, Iowa State at #18 and USC at #20, this man was a no-brainer.  I’m a firm believer that USC is a top-10 team and that anyone from the Big East is terrible.  This isn’t any sort of bias, it’s just views that have been shaped over various experiences.

Iowa State beat an overrated TCU team and otherwise have done nothing noteworthy, how can you possibly have USC below them?  In two weeks West Virginia plays Kansas State and I can’t wait to watch Kansas State to have 55 dropped on them and to watch them plummet in everyone’s rankings.

Gold Medal: Jon Wilner, San Jose Mercury News

In least shocking news of the day, this man is still on top.  He just continues to hold onto his unbeaten streak.  I mean this man is a legitimate force, I don’t know how anyone could knock him off.  He is literally the best at being bad that I have seen in a long time.

Putting Notre Dame 4th when they haven’t beaten anyone is completely ridiculous.  Just like having Michigan and Michigan State in the top 20 is an utter joke.  I love Michigan, but literally they have done nothing to prove that they are a top 15 team; absolutely nothing.  I can live with his top 3, considering he put Florida at 7 last week, which I think is still high, but at least that’s a somewhat logical thought in this gargantuan mess that is his poll.

To add to the insanity, he has Oregon State at #9, Louisville at #13 and somehow USC at #17.  Sure USC has one loss, but why doesn’t anyone think about potential head-to-head match ups? I feel like you should always consider head-to-head match ups when teams records aren’t that different and it’s still before the first BCS poll.

Don’t worry, when the first BCS ranking does come out, I’ll be plenty upset about it.  Apparently the Colley Matrix and the Massey Poll have Notre Dame ranked #1, which would be two of the six computer polls and means that Notre Dame is disgustingly overrated.


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