The Madden Curse Is Affecting Everyone But Calvin Johnson

So this is my 100th post.  I’m just as surprised as you are though, I thought it would be at way more by now.  Also, I’m moving blog servers and so there will be some changes to the site layout and stuff, the blog might be down for a few days too, just FYI.

I was thinking during the game against the Titans, that maybe Calvin is too awesome to be affected.  Some say that the curse got lost looking for him.  I think that it simply hit him and it didn’t do anything, and the radiation from the curse is now affecting his teammates.  Lions defensive tackle Corey Williams had surgery this week and will be out a few weeks with a knee injury.  Safety Louis Delmas has yet to play a game this year.  Quarterback Matt Stafford is having hip issues.  Wide receiver Titus Young missed practice this week with a knee injury.  Runningback Mikel Leshoure was added to the injury report this week with a groin issue.  Cornerback Drayton Florence was with the team less than a month before he broke his arm.  Shall I go on?

It’s gotten ridiculous at this point.  There’s no question the injury bug is killing the Detroit Lions; and until they get healthy, they’re going to struggle.  I’m hoping they can beat the Minnesota Vikings and then utilize the early bye week to get everyone healthy.  You know things aren’t going well when you’re happy to have a bye week this early in the season.

(This video is very long, watch at your own risk)

Not only do the Lions need the bye week to get healthy, but they need it to regroup.  They looked terrible in all three games so far this year.  They barely beat the St. Louis Rams, and while they’re improved, they should not be challenging a playoff team yet.  They got physically stomped by the 49ers.  They could hardly move the ball and were very brutal.  Then this past week they made the Tennessee Titans look like a powerhouse, and made Jake Locker look like Johnny Unitas.  The defense was utterly pathetic, and the special teams were even worse.  They did nothing but give up big plays the entire game, and the fact that they somehow tied it up and got to overtime is basically unfathomable to me still.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

(This was sick though)

(God he’s awesome)

Then they capped off that epic comeback with a miscommunication that led to them running a pathetic attempt at a quarterback sneak, when they merely meant to try to draw the Titans offsides.  Whether you believe in the curse or not is irrelevant, because everyone can agree that something is wrong with the Lions this year.  Something is affecting the Lions on a deeper level at the moment and it is in the process of killing their season.  Being 1-3 after four weeks, with losses to Tennessee and Minnesota will be devastating to their playoff chances.  There is simply too much parity in the league to continue to lose to teams that you should beat.

Until they get back on track, I’m going to continue to blame it on the Madden Curse, it’s an easy enough of an excuse to make.  That being said, they better fix their team and fast.  The defensive front line has been less than impressive to say the least, and they were supposed to make up for the terrible secondary.  Hopefully the addition of Leshoure and new threat of a run game will keep Calvin wide open, and allow Stafford to step up his play.

Don’t misread this post though.  I still think that the Lions are going to make the playoffs.  I have complete and utter faith in the coaching staff and the squad.  But, if the team doesn’t get healthy and players keep getting injured, they’re going to have some serious problems ahead.  This is why I hate the Madden Cover; I’m especially superstitious.  No team has ever had a good year when their star player was on the cover, and the star player has struggled pretty much every single year; either statistically or physically.  Stay away from the Lions, EA Sports.

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