Minnesota Claims A National Championship…108 Years later.

This to me is a complete joke.  It’s just like Alabama claiming a National Championship in a bunch of their odd years, where they had exactly zero reason to claim a national championship.  Alabama claimed a National Title in 1941 where they were ranked 20th by the AP Poll, but some other poll retroactively awarded them one, after the poll was created; this doesn’t even make sense.  But at least Alabama didn’t wait for 108 years to claim a National Championship, where they literally beat high school teams during the season.  Not only is this claim bull crap, but Michigan, who has a title for 1904, legitimately won theirs.  They went 10-0, outscored opponents 567-22 and they beat all collegiate football teams.   And while it bothers me that Minnesota is doing this based off a computer poll that was designed in 1996 to backtrack and “analyze” seasons that nobody was alive for, it bothers me more so that they are allowed to claim something 108 years after the fact.  How is this even legitimate?

The man who developed the computer program, Richard Billingsley, had this to say, “‘I’ve heard some people say, ‘Well, retroactive championships don’t mean anything because no one was physically there at the time.’ I don’t believe that at all,’ Billingsley said. ‘… It doesn’t matter to a computer program whether you were physically present in the stands watching the game or if you were living in 1904. The reason is because the computer doesn’t have anything to do with emotion anyway. …’A retroactive computer ranking is just as accurate in 1904 as it is in 2012.'”

I just wished he explained the program more, what does the computer analysis take into account?  Does it analyze strength of schedule?  Probably not.  Does it rank all the top teams or does it just pick a National Champion?  Who knows.  I just want to know how Minnesota wins a National Championship when they played a High School team.  That’s worse than an FCS team…by a lot.  Under no circumstances should a team be allowed to claim a National Title when they beat a High School team and count it as a legitimate win.  Imagine Michigan playing Pioneer High School and getting to count that as a win on their schedule, that is an utter joke.

And before it’s even brought up, I’m not bothered by this merely because Michigan was initially awarded a National Championship in 1904, its how long they waited to claim it.  I just can’t get it out of my head, 108 years after the fact.  Minnesota hasn’t legitimately won a National Championship since the 1960 and haven’t been to a Rose Bowl since 1962, so I guess they have to excite the fan base somehow, but seriously, 108 years later?

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1 Response to Minnesota Claims A National Championship…108 Years later.

  1. Retro-active MNCs have always been interesting to me….legit or not. Great post!

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