Red Wings Game 1 Recap and Other Stuff

Holy bad bounces.  They will never be able to beat the Predators, and more specifically Pekka Rinne, if they have to score 4 goals per game.  Losing Darren Helm for the rest of the season with lacerated wrist ligaments is basically the complete opposite of what I wanted to happen to him.  He brings energy to the squad and is invaluable as a penalty killer.  Not to mention the fact that he provided depth for the team.  Right now the truly only positive thing about last night, is that the Red Wings are currently 2 for 8 on the powerplay and they killed off all six of their penalties last night.  Special teams are certainly getting the job done, and exceeding my expectations, but the defense need to play better.  I thought that Brad Stuart had one of his worst games in a while, and with as deep of a blue line as the Wings have, this cannot happen.  The penalties called last night were getting a bit ridiculous, and while it did ruin the flow of the game, that is not why the Wings lost.  They need to get some scoring out of Datsyuk and Franzen, and have their defense play much better if they want to win game 2.

In regards to Shea Weber, he won’t be suspended.  He’ll probably only get fined because he’s a top 3 defenseman in the entire NHL and the NHL won’t want to see him miss a game.  Whereas Vancouver Canucks forward Byron Bitz will be suspended because he is an expendable 4th line plug who brings nothing to the table but physicality.  These two incidents will be the real test to see if the NHL is biased towards their skilled players or not.

You be the judge, I think both should be suspended for at least one game, just to prove a point.

In other news, I saw an article on ESPN yesterday saying that Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen want to be compensated for playing in the Olympics.  If you need to be compensated to have the honor of representing your country and trying to win a gold medal then you absolutely, 100% do not deserve to be on the team.  These clowns want to be paid for this? Seriously?  Dwyane Wade is making $15.5 Million this year and $17 Million next year, while Ray Allen is making $10 Million, and these jokeshows want to get paid to play in the Olympics?  I’ve been to the Olympic training facility that they put these guys up in to train, and it is absurdly nice, and it is all free.  But apparently that’s not enough for Wade, who’s going to make twice as much money as the best player in the NHL, and he isn’t even the best player on his team.  JOKE.  And more interestingly, as I have been typing this rant, at 11:56 am this morning, Wade released a statement saying “I do not want to be paid to go to the Olympics.”  So now my real question is, who or what changed his mind?  And why did he change it so quickly?

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