2018 NFL Draft Winners

It feels like I’ve said this before, but I think there were quite a few teams that had good drafts. This draft may not have had an abundance of elite players but I thought the depth of it at a lot of positions was great and that led to some teams having an easy job to do. As always, we will not know who the true “winners” and “losers” of this particular NFL Draft are for another 2-3 years, but these were the drafts that I liked the most right off the bat.

(You can check out the 2018 NFL Draft Losers here)

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2018 Detroit Lions Draft Recap

The NFL Draft has come and gone and now that I’m back from vacation, it’s time to crank out a few posts. Bob Quinn certainly did not disappoint in terms of entertainment when it came to the NFL Draft. He said that he wanted to get more draft picks and after moving up in the 2nd Round and spending a pick to do so, he traded a future pick to get back into the 4th round. I did not love trading up to draft Kerryon Johnson because I felt he was still going to be there at pick #51…they obviously felt otherwise and did not want to risk it. On paper it may seem tough to trade a future 3rd to get back into the 4th, but that’s the way the value sheet falls. I personally have no problem with it, I was happy when the Lions did it a few years ago to draft a defensive tackle…the problem was when they took Gabe Wright over Grady Jarrett. I like the Deshawn Hand pick and his versatility is going to be an asset. Not only that, the fact that they’re likely going to have 9 picks in the next Draft makes it more palatable. They’ll have a 1st, 2nd, 4th, 2 5th’s, 2 6th’s and 2 7th’s…plenty of ammunition to make something good happen.

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2018 Detroit Lions Draft Preview and Seven Round Mock Draft

Well it has been quite some time since I last wrote. My life has been quite hectic the last seven months or so, but it’s been an enjoyable chaos. Obviously, I’ve had to forego some of my typical posts, like Combine recaps, Football season recaps and Michigan spring practice reviews. Though without a spring game, it’s a little bit tough to evaluate anything that’s been going on over there. At any rate, I’ve got this post for you, I’ll have a draft recap and the winners and losers and then it’ll be back to radio silence. The draft recap likely will not be for 2-3 weeks after the NFL Draft, but that’ll give you guys some time to re-visit things.

I would have had a whole post written up about the Matt Patricia hire, but there’s not really much to analyze…it’s a fantastic hire. I’m extremely encouraged and I think he’s going to do a great job. There will be some personnel changes and scheme changes, but it’s going to be a good season. Hopefully having a less conservative head coach will allow Jim Bob Cooter to let off the reigns and open up the play calling. I’m going to try to keep this as brief as possible while still giving you info, so let’s get after it.

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2017-18 Detroit Lions Season Preview

With the Detroit Lions season right around the corner, it’s hard not to be excited about this season. Then you think about how many wins came at the last second last year, how brutal the defensive line depth is, how Taylor Decker is hurt, and you start to get a little bit uneasy. The number of 4th quarter comebacks the Lions had last year is not sustainable. I do not care what anyone says, it straight up is not.

At any rate, I think the Lions are going to be an improved ball club from last year. I’m probably one of the few, but I’m trying to turn into an optimist…or at least be more optimistic. For example, I was not sure if I liked the Lions jersey’s at first, I thought they were solid but did not love them. Now you see them during games and I think they’re outstanding. It does take a bit to get used to less black on the jerseys and the blue pants on the road, but they look real good. I’m curious to see how they look when they start mixing and matching jerseys and pants.

Okay, enough chit-chat, let’s take a look at the squad:

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2017-18 Michigan Football Season Preview

The Daily Traub is pivoting. Since my current employment does not allow for much time, nor hockey blogging, I’ll be confined to a Michigan football season preview post, a Lions season preview post and then some NFL Draft reviews. Everything else is going to get canned…at least for now.

We’re also doing double-time because I’m behind schedule…so here comes you’re quick Michigan Football Season preview.

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Projected Vegas Golden Knights Expansion Roster

I decided that rather than continue to tweet about this and possible roster combinations, that I would throw it all into a blog post.

I would have done anything to be following George McPhee for the past week and the upcoming week. What the Vegas Golden Knights are going through is unprecedented. Normally when the NHL has expanded, there have been two teams, so you’ve been picking against another team. And when they have expanded, nothing but trash has been available. This time around, there are quite a few good players available for Vegas to take. To make it even more interesting, They are allowed to make trades with teams to not take a certain player that has been left available. For instance, it is believed that the Anaheim Ducks have made an offer to Vegas to keep them from selecting Sami Vatanen or Josh Manson. Columbus has a deal in place to keep Vegas from taking Jack Johnson, or Joonas Korpisalo and apparently has offered Ryan Murray or Matt Calvert, a 1st round pick, a prospect and David Clarkson’s contract.

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Michigan Football 2017 National Signing Day Recap/Spring Football Review/Summer Preview/ETC

This blog post has been pushed back multiple times. Normally I do a Signing Day Recap and a Spring Football post but clearly those two have fallen by the wayside with real life happening. So this post is now going to be a Spring Football Review/Signing Day Recap/Fall Camp Preview/etc.

Naturally, as I do fewer and fewer blog posts and have less time to pay attention to recruiting, Michigan keeps signing more and more recruits. A 30-person class is absolutely massive and at the time, it put them at 87 scholarships. But over the last 2-3 months, things have transpired that has allowed them to get down to 85. Drake Johnson did not get a 6th year, Wyatt Shallman left, Dave Dawson left, Asiasi transferred to be closer to home, etc. At any rate, rather than talk about every single prospect in-depth, let’s focus more on the Spring Game, Fall position competitions and which freshmen will play right away. It’ll probably be June by the time I publish this anyway.

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