The AP Poll Olympics: Week 12

Shout out to Kansas State and Oregon for creating my nightmare scenario, with a little side help from UCLA.  I mean honestly, what were the odds that #1 and #2 would lose and the only team left that could beat Notre Dame has their quarterback injured in the last five minutes of their game?  Just terrible.  It would appear that the luck of the Irish is on overdrive right now.  They’ve gotten huge breaks all year, and they just keep coming.  I hate that Notre Dame is ranked #1, I personally have them #2, and you can bet that they will thrash USC and their young QB all day today and go to the National Championship game.

Bronze Medal: Pete DiPrimio, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel

FSU and Clemson are a bit high here, and I don’t know how he dropped Oregon so far.  Yes, they lost, but they’re still a one-loss team that has only lost in overtime.  Then you have an undefeated Ohio State outside of the Top Ten?  While we’re at it, let’s overrate Kent State, Tulsa, Northern Illinois, Louisville and Utah State.  When will people understand that a five-loss SEC team or Big Ten team is better than these MAC schools?  I mean just give it a rest already.

Silver Medal: Josh Kendall, The State, Columbia SC

This week was a two-horse race and it was damn close.  I mean these guys were having a full-on stupid contest.  Texas A&M and Stanford are ranked far too high, while Florida and Ohio State get straight up hosed.  Let me clarify, I HATE Ohio State, but an undefeated Big Ten team deserves to be in the Top 10, plain and simple.

Then he finishes off his poll riding the struggle bus, with Utah State, Louisiana Tech, Louisville and Arizona.  Now how a four-loss Arizona team is ranked I will never know.  I should say a five-loss team, but he didn’t know they were going to lose last night to Arizona State, but he probably should have.  Their defense was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.  I am dying for Rich Rod to give up on the 3-3-5.  It is absolutely the worst base defense ever.  The offensive line and get downfield and run block with ease; ASU’s #1 runningback, Marion Grace, was averaging almost 9 yards a carry last night.  Someone needs to inform him that you need four down lineman at all times, unless you’re gonna run a 3-4 and have Haloti Ngata or Cory Hampton in the middle.  Yes, you want speed in the secondary, so run a 4-2-5, so you don’t expose yourself to the run game.

Gold Medal: Ray Ratto, Comcast Sports Bay Area

Is anyone really surprised that this is the guy on here at this point? What is he doing with #10-#20? Is he even trying or watching football games?  I mean, even his top 10 is brutal.  Stanford and Kansas State ahead of Georgia?? Not a chance.

Oregon State being ranked ahead of LSU, Florida and Texas A&M is an absolute joke.  Oregon State hasn’t beaten anyone good this season.  Then he hoses South Carolina and puts them at #15, behind Louisville? Come on man.  Northern Illinois and Kent State being in the Top 20 is completely outlandish as well.

I can’t even take this guy seriously anymore.  He has taken over as the worst voter in the country, how this guy is even allowed to vote in the polls is mind boggling to me.  I just thank god that he isn’t a writer for my local paper.

Here’s The Daily Traub poll for this week:

Good call on Texas right? Damnnnn itttttttt. Oh well.

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