The Lions Should Not Cut Or Trade Calvin Johnson

Over the past few weeks I’ve been having a few mini-rants on twitter over this, and though I do not have a ton of time, I decided to finally sit there and write this all out. As quickly and as concisely as possible. I’m probably going to be one of the few that truly believes this, but trading Calvin Johnson does absolutely nothing for the Detroit Lions. Free up $12 million by trading him or $16 million by cutting him? Sure, that’s nice…but you’re not going to get much in return if you trade him because of his contract. If you cut him you have $8 million left on your cap hit. But, when you are going to have $23+ million free going into next summer and will have another $12 million free when you cut Stephen Tulloch, Don Carey and Brandon Pettigrew, is that necessary? No.

Read that again and let it sink in.

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Detroit Red Wings Season Preview 2015-2016 And NHL Season Predictions

I was trying to get this done before the season officially opened and before any cuts were made, but as it turns out, having a real job really cuts into that. Shocker. I’m not going to write about Michigan football, I don’t want to jinx anything that is happening. Let me just say that I’m trying very hard not to get super excited about what Jim Harbaugh has done with this team so far. I was hoping for 8-4 or 9-3 and it seems like it could even get better than that at the moment. I also was not going to write about the Lions, but then Monday Night Football happened and I had to write-up a mini-rant.

The Red Wings will most definitely not be going by way of the Lions. Having people have high expectations and just absolutely dumping the bed is not an option for the Winged Wheel. Like clock work, I expect this team to make the playoffs, despite signing Dan Cleary. Allow me to go off on a brief tangent for a moment prior to diving in to the season outlook. If you would like, feel free to skip this portion.

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Rule 12, Section 4, Article 1

Illegal Bat I was not going to write about the Detroit Lions this year. After they went in for halftime against the San Diego Chargers, their season has been nothing but a total disaster. Joe Lombardi has turned the offense into a joke and the offensive line is in total shambles. The defense has done more than their share, with crucial injuries to players throughout the year, and they still cannot get a win. Teryl Austin is going to be a head coach somewhere next season for the job that he has done. I was starting to expect this team to fold and get to 0-5 and then start focusing on the NFL Draft.

Then, Monday Night Football happened.

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Detroit Lions 2015-2016 Season Preview

With the 53-man roster finally set, for now anyways, we can finally have a good idea going forward what the Detroit Lions have in store for us as fans this year. Personally, I’m quite optimistic about the upcoming season. It will be a pain listening to Cheese Heads all season, but I’m hoping that this Lions team will be able to put together a nice run to get back into the playoffs. I wish I had more time to be thorough, but as it turns out, packing up your entire life takes a little bit of time.

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Michigan Football Season Preview

After spending most of the last two months traveling around, I’m finally home for an extended period of time…well, two weeks anyways. I accepted a position to be the Video Coach for the Green Bay Gamblers and will be moving to Green Bay on September 14th. It should be a fun new experience and no, I will not become a Packers fan. I’m not sure what it means for this blog at the moment, but I’m guessing that after this post, a Lions season preview and a Red Wings preview, I won’t be able to post much.

Anyways, onto what you really came here for; Michigan Football. This is one of the few years where everyone is walking into the season blind regarding Michigan. There has been so little news and videos of practice because of Harbaugh’s Submarine that it’s really impossible to know for sure how players are developing and who will be on the two-deep. This season could go so many different ways. One thing I can say, is that even though the offense will be a huge question mark, the defense should be solid. Last year, they were ranked 7th giving up only 313.3 yards per game and they’re returning 7 starters. The defensive line and the linebackers will be the strength, even with losing Frank Clark, Jake Ryan and Bryan Mone to injury.

All in all, I’m going to trust this staff completely when it comes to recruiting, player development and who sees the most time on the field. They have a ton of NFL experience and know what needs to be done.

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Detroit Red Wings Offseason Recap: Post-July 1st Update

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 6.27.22 PM

It’s been almost two months since I’ve posted on here and that is most assuredly the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. Normally I post about what the Red Wings might do heading into free agency, but I didn’t expect them to do anything this year. With the hiring of Jeff Blashill, I fully expected the Red Wings to just promote from within; after all he knows every one in Grand Rapids quite well. The Wings said early on that they wouldn’t be re-signing Erik Cole or Marek Zidlicky, so I didn’t have high expectations for anything interesting to happen. Then July 1st rolled around and it became very apparent that the Red Wings were making a push for the only good defenseman on the market, Mike Green. Then an hour or so after Green was signed, rumors started to swirl that the Red Wings were looking at Brad Richards. The latter was the far more surprising signing. It has always seemed like the Red Wings were interested in acquiring Mike Green, but just never wanted to pay the price that was required to get him in a trade.

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Detroit Lions 2015 Draft Recap And Analysis

Martin Mayhew

This was a really good year for the Detroit Lions in the NFL Draft. If I were inclined to give it a grade, it would fall in the B+ range. Nothing truly spectacular or ground-breaking, but they picked up quite a few solid pieces that should contribute right away. This is always the key when you have needs that must be filled and don’t have the cap room to always keep players or sign free agents. Surprisingly, this was also the first NFL Draft that the Lions did not select a wide receiver with Martin Mayhew as GM and it was one of the deepest years at wide receiver ever.

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