2015 Senior Bowl In Review: Stock Is Falling

Bryce Petty

It’s safe to assume that we can just put all of the quarterbacks on this list. They didn’t all prove that they were bad, they just showed how much work they really have to do. I thought that Sean Mannion, Garrett Grayson and Bryce Petty showed that they are draftable and had an okay week, but the others raised some big time flags. On top of that, Brent Hundley did himself zero favors when he decided not to participate in the game. He could have taken advantage of the opportunity and proven himself, but he backed out. It’s a little more understandable that Marcus Mariota didn’t play since he had just played in the National Championship game a week before and had gotten dinged up.

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2015 Senior Bowl In Review: Stock Is Rising

Each year I’ve done a “stock is rising” and a “stock is falling” post for the Senior Bowl. I figured why not let the tradition continue, even though I think this Draft Class is going to be worse than what we’ve gotten accustomed too. Especially compared to last year.

Sure this is a completely loaded draft at running back, wide receiver and defensive end. But to say that it is weak at quarterback, and other positions, is about as kindly as you can put it. The Senior Bowl put the depth of the quarterbacks in this Draft Class on full-display and well, let’s just say they aren’t going to be talked about in this post.

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Lions vs. Cowboys: The Refs Could Have At Least Bought The Lions Dinner First

Brandon Pettigrew

It’s been four days since the game and I’m still not quite over it; I was really dreading having to write this post. It’s a tough pill to swallow. What else is there to say? I’m not one to blame losses on refs but this was utterly ridiculous. Referees miss calls all the time. They miss holding calls on a lot of plays. They make mistakes, but this was particularly egregious. Never in my life have I seen a flag get thrown, a penalty get announced, the sticks moved down the field and then have it get picked up. Not only was there holding on Brandon Pettigrew before the throw, but there was pass interference after the ball was thrown and then Dez Bryant ran on the field without a helmet on to argue with the referee. Never in my life have I seen a play transpire like that and it’s safe to say that we will never see it again.

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Jim Harbaugh Is Officially Michigan’s Head Coach…Officially

Jim Harbaugh

It still has not quite clicked for me yet. Even after typing that headline, and seeing the press conference (embedded near the end), it all seems very surreal. I was very adamant from the start that Jim Harbaugh would remain in the NFL. I did not see any way that he would come back to college without winning a Lombardi Trophy. I was very wrong, and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I’m sorry to those that I doubted (specifically the Cornicelli brothers, not you, Matt) and it is awesome that Michigan got their guy. Who knows if they could have had him the last go around, when Michigan hired Hoke. It is possible if they had fired Rich Rodriguez right away that he would have come, but waiting around until after the bowl game and the fact that Dave Brandon is a control freak certainly made it impossible. But, that’s neither here nor there at this point, Jim Harbaugh is now Michigan’s head football coach. Thankfully.

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NHL Expansion And Jersey Ads Would Be A Mistake, But They’re Going To Happen

Las Vegas

I’ve been working on this post for a few months now. Stalling as long as possible to get the most information possible and waiting until after the Board Of Governors meetings turned out to be the right time. The big-time rumors of expansion heated up at the end of August., but got even more serious around the second week of November. At the end of this post you can read a bunch of opinions/information on expansion, along with some tweets, on how NHL insiders/bloggers/reporters think it will all pan out. I would highly recommend giving those a read if you’re interested in this subject.

The bottom line though is that NHL expansion is going to happen, whether anyone likes it or not. There’s a reason they realigned the divisions so that there were 16 teams in the East and 14 in the West. The NHL is definitely looking to put two more teams in the West and they already have some spots picked out (Las Vegas, Seattle, or Kansas City). That being said, expansion is a horrible idea. The NHL has locked out twice since 2004 because the owners and the league were apparently losing money. The league is now at an all-time high for revenue, so why would you expand the league and add more teams to the revenue sharing pot with no guarantee of a long-term boost in income? Theoretically it should boost the leagues income, but expansion teams are not guaranteed to be successful.

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Brady Hoke Has Been Fired: What Now?

Brady Hoke

I’ll have a full recap of the season up at some point, but now it’s time to discuss the most important piece of news. Brady Hoke has been fired.

It’s unfortunate that it came down to this. A guy that showed so much promise with his opening press conference and his first season with Rich Rodriguez’s players, eventually went up in flames. It’s too bad, he seemed like the perfect man for the job. He was a nice guy, genuinely cared about the kids, had a deep love for the school, and it was his so-called dream job. He did a good job of saying all the right things that the boosters wanted to hear about Michigan. He brought back former players to talk to the team and recruited with the best of them. Unfortunately in the end, it just wasn’t meant to be and the results were never seen on the field. I do feel bad for him, how could you not?

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College Football Playoff: It Should Have Been 8 Teams From The Start

For the first time ever I went an entire month without a post and I’m going to try to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I should have some more time to post soon and will have some good posts upcoming, including finally writing about the Lions, so stay tuned.

When the College Football Playoff was first announced, I was ecstatic; just like everyone else. But, I was not a fan of it only being a four-team playoff. No, not because of the reasons that people are mentioning now, at least not initially. I wanted an eight-team playoff so that it would eventually evolve into a 16-team playoff. I wanted as many teams as possible involved because as much as I love Bowl Season, there is nothing better than a tournament to determine the National Champion. Plus, just because there is a playoff would not mean they would have to get rid of bowl games. They made that abundantly clear with the current set up they have now. But, the people in charge of it do not want that many playoff teams. They say it’s so the athletes don’t miss that much school, but that’s a total joke. I don’t see anyone objecting to March Madness. And if they think it’s too many games and don’t want players to get hurt, the absolute maximum they would play is 16 games, which is the same length as an NFL regular season. So what’s the real reason? That it would take away from the regular season and make it meaningless? Lol, no data to support that.

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